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it may suck, but you have to get over it (or at least pretend to... if you try any sabotaging make sure no one can tell)

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How should a girl go about asking another girl out who is her best friend?

"Who's your best friend?"

What do you do when your best friend is going out with the girl you like?

What you should do is talk to your friend about your feelings towards this girl.If that doesn't work, well stop being his friend.

Telling your best friend your dating a girl?

if they are your best friend they should understand

Should you tell your best friend that you like the girl he is going out with?

hmm no because you can never replace a best friend just let your crush kinda fade away

What do you do if your going out with a girl but your best friend doesnt like her?

I'd choose the girl.

You choose a girl you like who your best friend hates over your best friend and then that girl dumps you how do i get my best friend back?

explain your mistake to your bestfriend, and let them know you're truthfully sorry about going out with the girl.

What do you call it when your best friend goes for the girl you've liked for 3 months?

If he was a good best friend he would stop going for this girl.

Would your best friend go out with girl you love?

if they where hot then hell yes! If you were going steady with this girl, a best friend would not interfere. However, you must also understand that is this girl does not feel the same way about you, you should not interfere with others approaching her, even a best friend. That would not be fair to your friend. I know it hurts, but it will pass.

What do you do if A girl likes you but she is going out with your best friend?

You ask for a 3some...

You like this girl but she is going out with your best friend what do you do?

Try to make your friend look bad.

What should you do if the girl you like who also liked you at one point is going out with your best friend?

Two words. Jerry Springer.

Should you break up with a guy if he's friends with you're old best friend I'm a girl and my old best friend is I girl.?

If you do not like him then yes, you should.

What do you do if your guy best friend is going out with your girl best friend but he just told you that he had a crush on you and you still like him and hes aways flirting with you and ur flirting to?

honestly, i wuld tell my girl best friend whats going on and try to stay away from the boy cuz either ur going to break ur friendship with the girl for the boy.

What is the meaning difference between the words girlfriend and girl friend?

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

Can a boy and a girl be best friends?

yes a girl and boy can be bestfriends because i should know my best friend is a girl

Your friend is going out with the girl of your dreams and he knows that but you are good friends what should you do?

Talk to him about it. Talk to the girl about it.

Should you ask out a girl who is pretty or your best friend?


When my girl friend going to love my best friend what should you do?

you may be in a hard time, but the best thing to do is punch your best friend rite across the face. Then your going to want to tell your girlfriend to make you a sandwich, because girls are good at cooking and you probly like sandwiches! Life is easy when you think like me!

What is the best date to go on?

it matters on who your going with. your friends? boy/girl friend

I just started going out with a girl and my best friend who is male got angry at this girl and is acting strange and selfish what should i do?

he proberly fancys her so you should ask him why hes acting like that x

Why is your best friend going out with the girl you like?

Because 1) He likes her. 2) He doesn't know you like her or 3) he's showing you up by going out with the girl you want. If you really wanted her you should have asked her out before he did.

There is a boy that i like but he is going out with my friend what should you do?

Feel happy for them.... And... if they boy breaks up with her its your chance... its the same thing for my but opposite. its a girl i like but shes going out with one of my best friends or was going out with him.

If you like a girl that is your best friend should you ask her out?

I don't think that you should. My friend is going through the same problem. If you ask your best friend out, then it would be very awkward when you two break up. I would suggest that you try and find another girl that you like and get to know her. And, if you did ask her out, you wouldn't want to break her heart when you two break up.

What should you do if you have the urge to makeout with you best friend who is a girl?

Go for it!!! Yeeeehaaawww

If a girl who is your best friend leans her head on you and stuff what should you do?

get hard

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