What should you do if your best friend loves you and you are not sure if you love him as more than a friend and you live in different countries but talk a lot on msn?



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If your not sure, that means you dont love him and you should tell him. First off, you shouldn't give into what he wants. If you're in different countries, that's an easy out. Just tell him a long distance relationship isn't what you want. If he can't understand that, or respect your wishes he's not that good of a friend. Second, if he goes to extremes saying he'll move to you, or he'll move you to him, gently let him down that you aren't sure of your feelings for him, and you don't want to hurt him. Nothing can mess up an amazing friendship like the confusion of love. If you're confused, it will cause him nothing but pain. While he will be at first put off that you don't feel the same, be sure that the pain will be worse if you try to date him and later find that you can't.