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Hey there mate, Id give the water a pH test first and see if its ok. If it is u can always try to give him something else like blood worms for a change. And if that doesnt work maybe get ur self some drops that are made especially for bettas that have vitamins and minerals to help ur betta not to stress out.

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Why isn't my betta eating?

Go to "What happens when your betta fish doesn't eat"

What do you do if your betta fish is not eating?

Something must be wrong if your Betta is not eating. Check which of the following you are not doing. Bettas are tropical fish and need their water to be heated to around 78F. A minimum sized container for a single male should hold at least 3 gallons of water and a cycled filter should be running 24/7. Given the above necessary conditions the Betta should eat OK. If you are missing out on the requirements the Betta will get sick and die eventually.

What does it mean when your betta fish is fasting?

When your Betta fish is fasting it means it is not eating, this usually happens after the Betta has bred and it will not eat until all the Betta eggs are hatched.

Your betta is not eating and looks paper thin is he getting ready to die?

I would say that you should get that beta to the vet as fast as you can!

Why betta fish stops eating?

most of the time they will stop eating because of old age and about to die or you feed it too much. If you have a Betta I suggest feeding it once a day.

How long can a betta fish live if he's not eating?

they can go from 7-10 weeks without eating

Why does your betta fish suddenly lie on its side on the top of the tank?

Because it's dead stupid!

Should you feed your betta fish when you get home?

You should feed your betta 3-4 times a week.

How much food you should give a betta?

You should give your betta 2 pellats twice a day

Why is your betta fish not eating?

skip its health and change the water now

Your betta is fat and not eating much so does that mean shes pregnant?


How to tell that your betta fish is dying?

he is floating, not eating, laying on its side

What do you do if you male betta is eating the babies?

Take the male out but leave the female if you have.

My Betta is FAT what do I do?

If you're referring to your Betta "Fish" then stop feeding it so much. They are genetically engineered and can go months without eating.

What to do when your fish fights when your other fish is eating?

Take the Betta out as soon as possible.I have a Betta in my tank with other fish,but he doesnt fight with my fish at all.

Can cats eat betta fish?

NO!!!!! They should not eat betta fish...but if your cat has then call a vet, and don't get anymore betta Fish!

Is it bad to have a Betta in cold water?

not really if you are comfortable then the Betta should be too but they should at least be 62-70 or 72 degree

Can a betta fish be in cold water?

A betta fish should not be in water colder than 72F

What to feed a betta fish when theres no fish food?

A betta can live without food for several days when it has to, if you suddenly run out of food and need to go to the store. But don't try giving them people food.

What happens if my Betta fish isn't eating and it seems to have a big stomach?

It maybe has a disiese

What is the longest a female betta should stay in with a male betta?

it depends i have a male with a female betta, in a 2.5 gallon tank,they get along, i wouldnt risk it, no

Will betta fish die if they eat goldfish flakes?

I believe you mean Betta fish. No, it should be fine. You can treat you Betta fish by giving them bloodworms!

Can you put a male Betta fish in a tank with a female Betta fish?

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

It seems like your male betta is eating the eggswhat should you do?

During his looking after the ova and fry, a male Betta will 'mouth' them to keep them clean and also, if one falls away from the nest he will pick it up and mouth it before blowing it back into the nest. You may think he is eating them but he is not. He is simply cleaning them. In the case of a male actually eating his young you can pretty well assume that there was something wrong with the eggs or fry and he is simply doing his job.

Should you get a betta fish and are thay boring?

If you want an active fish that moves around a lot then a Betta is not for you.