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Stop being unfaithful. Call AA. Look for a new boyfriend. Many people can have a little too much to drink at a party and it doesn't make them an alcoholic. However, it appears when you drink you can't control your behavior and I don't blame your boyfriend. When in doubt think of this one ... how would you have liked your boyfriend kissing another girl and using the good old excuse he was drinking? Doesn't compute. Sounds like this guy knows what he wants and has made up his mind. It's best to move on.

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What if your friend kissed your boyfriend he didn't know she was going to what should you do?

If your friend kissed your boyfriend then you should connfront her. Ask her why she would do that when she knows he's your boyfriend. Then you should ask your boyfriend if he made the first move not her.

What should I do now that I kissed my ex boyfriend who has another girlfriend?

you should say sorry then smack him in the face and run away from him

Should you break up with your boyfriend after he kissed another girl?

I would talk to your boyfriend and try to make the relationship work because you don't want to make any regrets. (This is a different person.) In my expreience yes. My boyfriend not only kissed another girl (My ex best friend) and also slept with her. Then when saying he was over he 'accidently' sent me flirty text messages ment for her. It depends how good your boyfriend has been with you.

Should you get upset if your boyfriend tells you a girl kissed him?

yes you should

What do you do when your boyfriend kissed another girl and another boy kissed you but you still love your boyfriend?

It depends on if the kiss you had with this other person meant anything to you? and also if the kiss your boyfriend had with this other girl also meant anything. If none of the kisses meant anything then your relationship should be fine as it was just a kiss and you both still love each other.

How do you tell your boyfriend you kissed another guy?

You could just say to him 'I was drunk and he kissed me, so I was too drunk to resist?' It will cause him pain to know that, so maybe you should just put up with the guilt?

When I kissed my ex boyfriend i started to get these pimples around my mouth and now i have a new boyfriend and when we kissed i started to get them again...are they oral herpes?

Sounds like it. You should check with a doctor.

I found out my boyfriend kissed another girl it only happened once but what should i do should we take a break should i break up with him or should i just get over it?

break up with him!!!! if he'll do it once, he'll do it again!

Should you tell your boyfriend that someone kissed you?

Not right away. Maybe if kissing him is getting regular,you can hint to him you have kissed someone else. He most likely have kissed many of girls.

When do you know you should kiss your boyfriend on the lips?

well if your asking tihs question you aernt ready haha i was 12 when i kissed my boyfriend.

What happens if you kiss a girl that has a boyfriend?

Well, it really depends on the scenario of the kiss. If you kissed her because you liked her, you should probably have told her it was wrong for you to have done that and that you will not do that again.

What does it mean when your boyfriend thinks that you like another guy more than you love him even though you have told him otherwise what should you do?

get another boyfriend because he is jealous and u don't need that get another boyfriend he is jealous and u don't need that

If a guy kissed you and you want to tell your boyfriend what should you say?

Tommy is a way better kisser than you are.

What should you do if you kissed your best friend at prom and you like them?

Ask them to be your boyfriend/girlfriend (i dunno which gender you are so...)

Me and my best guy friend kissed n he acts like my boyfriend n we alwways kiss but he has a girlfriend n i want to be his girllfriend what should i do?

I'm not trying to sound like a mom or nothin, but 1. he shouldn't have kissed you if he's already got a girlfriend, and 2. he shouldn't be acting like your boyfriend if HE"S GOT A GIRL!! - I say you just forget about it, and tell him to do the same, because kissing another girl's boyfriend is asking for huge trouble, and a whole lotta drama.

What should you do if your boyfriend broke up with you because he kissed two girls to a party and don't want to hurt you again But he still loves you and has regret that he broke up with you?

Move on with your life

Should you tell your boyfriend that you hung out with another guy?

If you are hanged out with another guy, you have no boyfriend anymore. You should have told him before, not afterwards.

What should you do if your boyfriend kissed another girl while you are separted?

Nothing, but you can choose to divorce them. Separation sometimes allows you to see other people and after awhile after the separation you can choose to stay together or divorce

What should you do if the girl that you like has a boyfriend but she flirts with you and you've both kissed twice bt were drunk?

you need to talk to her and seee if she has the same feelings for you and if not you should just move on because you will find someone that loves you for who you are not when there drunk

You kissed another boy and told your boyfriend the day after do you think he should dump you?

it would depend on if you wanted to kiss the other boy and if you would do it again and if the answer is yes to those questions then yes I would dump you

I was put on a break by my boyfriend and a few days later his mate kissed me and I don't know why but I kissed back How do I get my boyfriend to realize that I am sorry?

you should tell your boyfriend how you were feeling at the time of the break like for example you may have felt lonely and vunerable and you needed someone to be there and that its not your fault but his mate's fault because he took advantage of you by kissing you even though you were already going out with someone else hope this helps xxx

Should you kiss your girlfriend at the age of 12 after going out for nearly 10 months?

You can I'm surprised that you havent kissed her yet I kissed my boyfriend allot when I was that age just make sure that she is ready for it:)

Should you hide your boyfriend from your friends?

no because if they are your reall friends and you trust thenm then you should have nothing to hide unles there is another side of the story

You like your boyfriend but you also like another guy and you kn?

Are you asking what you should do? Because you question isn't clear

Should you tell your best friend that you kissed her boyfriend even if you where drunk?

It's best to be honest. It would be better hearing it from you rather than someone else like her boyfriend, for example.