What should you do if your boyfriend cheated on you and now that you've left him he keeps calling you and won't leave you alone and you still love him?

If he has cheated on you more than once that you know of then keep walking! If this is the first time he's cheated, people make mistakes and give him a chance, but don't make it easy for him to slide back into your life or he won't respect you. Believe it or not you are in total control of this situation. Make him work his butt off by gaining your trust back. Never make it easy, but also learn when enough is enough so you don't discourage him. Meet with him and say, "You have broken a bond of trust between us, but I realize people can make a mistake. I don't trust you 100% so you're going to have to earn it. Meanwhile, I'm going to just go on with my life and if you want to date you phone me like anyone else!" It makes men crazy when you say this because they never quite understand where a woman's mind is coming from. It's simple really ... it means that you are willing to date him, but you don't trust him 100% and you aren't going to commit to him fully until he proves himself to you. This also means that you are free to date whomever you wish to date. Nice position to be in girl! Give it all you've got! Good luck Marcy == Just keep a safe disatance and be "just friends" with him. Date other men. Hang out with other people. This actually happened to me years ago. Caught my fiance screwing around on me big time. Wrote him a tactful letter not so nice that basically said as far as jerks go he takes the cake. I let him go and got involved with someone else who just happened to be his best friend. It hurt him big time but i wasnt about to go back because i found someone better. And like an idiot i let the better guy slip away several years later.