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Well my current Boyfriend explained to me (when I was talking on the phone with my ex almost every evening) If he's not doing anything for you why should you give him a reason to talk to you every night? Is he really your friend or are you two just reminiscing about the past? I found that helpful. I wasn't hanging out with my Ex Boyfriend, I was talking on the phone with him. It's not helping me in life, but of course it feels good when you have the opposite sex on the phone. Allow me to add to that answer: If your boyfriend is so insecure and self-centered that he can't allow you to honestly have feeling for someone you were once married to, back off from the guy. A self-centered and possessive guy never makes a good boyfriend or husband in the long run. Here's another point of view and the honest thing to do. He's you're ex, leave it at that! If in doubt put yourself in his shoes .. how would you like your boyfriend talking to his ex? I doubt you'd like it very much. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your present boyfriend and I'm siding with him! You're playing both ends against the middle and you know it! You have the opposite sex to talk too ... your boyfriend! Exes are exes and should remain so. Again I stress, put yourself in your boyfriend's shoes. He's not controlling or possessive, he expects you to do the right thing which is leaving the past in the past. Instead of talking with your boyfriend about your hopes and dreams, you are constantly on the phone with your ex boyfriend. Who are you kidding! You're titillated by talking with your ex. Move on!

2007-12-17 23:58:56
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What should you do if your boyfriend is a nazi?

Phone the cops.

What should you talk about on the phone with your boyfriend?

ask what he done today

Should your boyfriend be talking to his ex on the phone?

if you trust him/her they should be able to talk about any thing they want on the phone. if you don't trust that person you should be with them.

When on the phone with your boyfriend what do you talk about?

You should be able to talk about everything. A boyfriend should be your best friend as well as your boyfriend. So you should be able to talk about planes, cars, girls, boys, family, friends, and everything inbewteen.

Why when your boyfriend angry with you why he doesnt answer his phone?

i believe he needs to maybe cool off.. but I am not saying it is correct!! He should answer his phone because you need some reassurance that hes okay and hasnt done anything stupid.. but this is my opinion..

Why would your boyfriend who has unlimited phone plan buy a gift phone card?

because he is stupid and dosen't have any sence in buying you a phone or a pony

Why does your boyfriend turn his phone on silent when at work and when at home?

Because he wants to be left alone.

Why does my boyfriend lie so much about his phone?

because he is most likely hiding something on it

What should you do when your mother takes your phone when you should be calling your boyfriend?

Take your punishment like a trooper and explain to your boyfriend later. Boyfriends aren't as important as your mom. It's her house and her rules.

Im Afraid that your boyfriend is going to break up with you because he hasn't called you and he wont pick up his phone what should you do?

Nothing lasts forever. Maybe it wasn't meant to be :)

What if you and your boyfriend was make out and he stops kissing you because his cell phone goes off?

you could get his phone and see who he is texting and see why he stops texting you

So my boyfriend is in the foster system and they took his phone should I get him a phone and put it on my cell phone plan so he'll have one?

Yes, if you can, please get him a phone and put it on your phone plan so that you communicate with him whenever you want.

How come your boyfriend doesn't talk to you?

Well if you boyfriend doesnt talk to you that means he is being a jerk and that you should break up because you dont want to be stuck in a silent relationship. Especially if he doesnt text or answer his phone when you call or text. Just break up if you even have to ask that because women are strong and we should be dumping the boys not vice-versa.

What contact can you have with a boyfriend in the navy?

AIM, Skype, Phone... I prefer Skype or AIM because they can video-chat and video-chats are always nice because you can see the other person's face. Phone should be your last resort,, because we can only voice-call, which isn't that pleasing. *sigh* America should definitely get video-calls on their phones just like the Koreans.

What should you do when your boyfriend tells you to leave him alone because you post two many Facebook comments?

Your boyfriend is telling you in plain English to stop leaving so many personal comments about him on Facebook because your feelings towards him are for his eyes or ears only so keep the love messages by email or phone.

What if you catch your boyfriend looking through your phone?

:) i think you should talk about it with him....then be more careful with it next time lol

What should you do when you call your boyfriend and a girl picks up the phone?

be very worried. its not his maid...... be very worried. its not his maid......

Your boyfriend is amazingly good looking and is a sweetheart and always texts you when his phone isn't taken away What should I do because I don't want to break up with him?

Just give him a short reply because if you just ignore him then he would be offended

Do parents have the right to take your cell phone if your boyfriend bought it for you?

Technically no. Because your parents didn't buy the cell phone for you, they have no legal right to take it away from you.

How do you get in your boyfriend phone?

chuck Norris

Why my boyfriend talks to females on the phone sexually i say something to him he says there just words im not cheating in gets mad?

He enjoys the attention of other girls, and is mad because you ask for him to devote his attention to you. He is in the wrong, and if he wants to stay your boyfriend then he should learn to be more loyal to you.

Why would your boyfriend change his mobile phone number after you left him a text message calling him a liar when you caught him in a lie about his whereabouts?

Because he is a no good liar. He is obviously not your boyfriend anymore.

If a girl has a crush on you and tells you and a few months later you like her what should you do?

Hopefully she doesn't have a boyfriend now and if not, then phone her and ask her out.

If you live in Sydney which bank should you get loans for around for the best rate?

Since they frequently vary their rates, phone each one for a quotation.

I ignored my boyfriend because i was mad if he calls what do i say?

You answer the phone and talk out the problems. You tell him why you are mad and try to work things out