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Well my current Boyfriend explained to me (when I was talking on the phone with my ex almost every evening) If he's not doing anything for you why should you give him a reason to talk to you every night? Is he really your friend or are you two just reminiscing about the past? I found that helpful. I wasn't hanging out with my Ex Boyfriend, I was talking on the phone with him. It's not helping me in life, but of course it feels good when you have the opposite sex on the phone. Allow me to add to that answer: If your boyfriend is so insecure and self-centered that he can't allow you to honestly have feeling for someone you were once married to, back off from the guy. A self-centered and possessive guy never makes a good boyfriend or husband in the long run. Here's another point of view and the honest thing to do. He's you're ex, leave it at that! If in doubt put yourself in his shoes .. how would you like your boyfriend talking to his ex? I doubt you'd like it very much. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your present boyfriend and I'm siding with him! You're playing both ends against the middle and you know it! You have the opposite sex to talk too ... your boyfriend! Exes are exes and should remain so. Again I stress, put yourself in your boyfriend's shoes. He's not controlling or possessive, he expects you to do the right thing which is leaving the past in the past. Instead of talking with your boyfriend about your hopes and dreams, you are constantly on the phone with your ex boyfriend. Who are you kidding! You're titillated by talking with your ex. Move on!

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend is upset because you spend time frequently on the phone with your ex?
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