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Flat out leave the guy. Tell him no and that you know he won't change. If you stay strong, he will know you mean it.

Keep in mind, even if he does know you mean it, just leave and don't stay. Controlling relationships can quickly become abusive, and then it might be too late. The sooner you leave, the better.

A note from Mythology0000:

Another thing you should try to do is work it out. Be nice, give him a chance. If he's still not cooperating, then do what Mooper64 said.

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend is very controlling?
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Should girlfriend break up with controlling boyfriend?

Of course

How do i stop my boyfriend being controlling?

talk to him and tell him how you feel. tell him that you think he is very controlling and say lets work it out or something like that

How do you tell if your boyfriend is just jealous or controlling?

Usually jealous turns into controlling. It is very tricky so I would watch it if I were you. However, to answer you're question more directly: If your boyfriend is taking action on the jealousy by trying to control what you do, who you talk to etc., then he is being controlling.

What should you do if you have a baby with your boyfriend and he's very controlling and still lives with his ex whom he claims isn't his girlfriend?

Don't kill the baby, give it up for adoption if you don't want it. As for the boyfriend, he is wasting your time. You should have the baby, give it up for adoption and move on.

What to do if you not happy in your relationship because of your controlling boyfriend?

You can either tell him that his to controlling... or just dump him. :)

How can your boyfriend lost respect for you?

if you start acting controlling

Helping a daughter with a controlling boyfriend?

depends on how old your daughter is, if shes a teenager, then she should get rid of this mean controlling boyfriend. although if shes 18 or above or so. its up to her. you can advise her or just watch out for her ALOT. and tell her what she's doing is just not right.

How do you get your boyfriend to be less controlling?

two words: break up

Your boyfriend has mentioned several times that you should ask him to marry you is that something you should do?

Generally it is the boyfriend that asks the girlfriend to marry him, but it is not uncommon for independent women to ask her boyfriend to marry her. However, in your case your boyfriend may be teasing you and if he is not then he is controlling and you should break up with him. When he tells you again to ask him to marry you tell him not to hold his breath because that's his job!

What do you do if your boyfriend is controlling but you're scared of breaking up with him in case it hurts him?

So, here we have a boyfriend who is controlling of you, but has made it clear he'll be terribly hurt if you leave him. What you have is a manipulative, controlling creep who is inflicting emotional blackmail on you. Ditch him, and don't look back.

What do I do if my boyfriend is controlling?

Confront him about it, ask someone you trust for advice, or dump him.

Is parents controlling?

Parenting is controlling to a very large extent. When you are a parent, you need to control what your children do up to a certain age when they are grownups. There should be however some boundaries in this.

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