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What should you do if your boyfriend says that if you don't listen to him and do what he says he will find some other girl that will?

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2006-09-22 21:03:09

This guy is a spoiled, low-life controller and tell him you're

going to tie a big red bow on his butt and kick is backside out the

door! DON'T PUT UP WITH IT! When you give in to this behavior you

are not only becoming an enabler, but you are losing your dignity

and losing the true person you are. YOU ARE IN CONTROL of this

situation so START CONTROLLING! NEVER take this sort of behavior

from anyone! There are more guys out there that would treat you

like a princess, so don't put up with his crap! People who truly

love another don't treat their mates in this fashion. Good luck hon

Wish him luck and tell him to move on down the road.

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