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7 years is a long time to be with someone and them still be married. Before you get married to him, he must get a divorce. Just sit him down and talk with him about going through with his divorce. He might be scared and I don't blame him. Good luck and God Bless:) =Answer= I'm not buying he's scared to get married again, but he certainly has been burned and hurt. The fact you have been together for 7 years is no different than being married. It's time for him to get that divorce (also check out the laws of limitations on how long you have to not live with your spouse before you can get an automatic divorce. It differs in every State.) Scared or not he has no problem having a relationship with you and getting what he needs without any responsibility attached. It's time he grew up, got the information (with your help) regarding a divorce and either commit to you or move on. I left my first husband when I was almost 25. It was an abusive relationship on his part and I tried to fix things, but it didn't work so I ran while the running was good. I lived on my own after that, but I did file for divorce immediately. It was difficult because he didn't want the divorce, but I persisted and got it! I took time out to get to know myself and what my strengths and weakness' were. I don't really like the idea of divorce, but one should never put up with abusive behavior from any partner. Start communicating with your b/f and come to some common ground. Let him know you'll help him by getting information regarding the laws of limitation on married spouses being apart and also help with the legalities of the divorce and that he isn't in this alone. If he's hiding behind "I'm scared because my first marriage didn't work out" then it's a cop-out. They say once you fall off the saddle you dust yourself off and get right back on. Same goes for life!

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What should you do if your boyfriend kissed another girl while you are separted?

Nothing, but you can choose to divorce them. Separation sometimes allows you to see other people and after awhile after the separation you can choose to stay together or divorce

How long do I have to wait after my divorce in Michigan to marry my boyfriend in Germany?

As soon as your divorce is though you can get married to your bf. If you have to wait for your divorce, you should start learning a little German :-)

Should you continue to maintain your loving serious committed monogamous relationship with your boyfriend while he is in the process of a divorce?

Firstly, be sure he is actually filing for divorce. If you know for sure that he is then yes, you should stand by his side. You could be named by his wife as reasons for the divorce, but if you love each other that shouldn't matter. The divorce is what counts because that sets him free and hopefully to marry you or at least live together in harmony.

What should you do if your boyfriend lied to you?

you should talk to your boyfriend face to face and ask him why he lied. then you should ask him if he wants to still be together. Remember part of a relashonship is getting through problems together!

Should divorce prior to bankruptcy?

divorce should not prior to bankruptcy. you agreed to love this person unconditionally through worse times. you should stick together and work this probem out.

Does Katy Perry have a wedding ring?

Yes, because she is married to russel brand, but they are going to get a divorce. I knew they should not have gotten married !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should i get back together with my boyfriend?


What should you get your boyfriend for your first valentines together?

Get him a funny card.

If you were pregnant can your boyfriend get a quick divorce so you can marry before the baby arrives?

if his wife is ok with a divorce, should all sail smoothly otherwise it can take years

What should you do if your ex-boyfriend wants to get back together with you and you want to get back together with him but your supposed friend is in the way?

boyfriend first. friend lasy

When should you get married to your boyfriend?

in my opinion i think you should get married around the age of 25 - 35 because then you have time to have gotten a good job and home

Should my boyfriend and I move in together?

You should never move in with someone if you aren't married.

Your boyfriend calls his exgirlfriends and he is still married to his wife what should you do?

Leave him. He does not plan on getting a divorce and being with you and you only.

Should you kiss your boyfriend you just got together?

Only on the mouth.

Is there divorce in Hinduism?

No, according to Religious Scriptures husband and wife should stay together for 7 lives. However according to current law there is divorce.

How should your boyfriend behave when you are together with his friend girl?

Just like he does with anyone else, or he isn't really a good boyfriend!

You are 15 and you and your boyfriend have been together for 3 years and he is 17 Should you and him have sex?


What does mean to dream about your ex boyfriend proposing?

It means you should get back together with him.

How should an ex wife be listed in an obituary?

If they maintained a good relationship after the divorce or had any children together she should be included.

Your boyfriend wants a baby what should you do?

Discuss it together and find out if you are both ready or if you should wait a while

Your boyfriend said that you should still stay together just not be classified as dating what does this mean?

You should ditch him.

Can my boyfriend serve your spouse the divorce papers?

This state has regulations concerning how papers must be served on someone. If your boyfriend meets those requirements, he can serve those papers. Since you should have a lawyer if you are going to get a divorce, why don't you ask your lawyer so you will follow the law in your location.

You like a girl but you have a boyfriend and the relationship is going nowhere?

Does the girl know you like her? How long have you an and your boyfriend been together? And are you asking what should you do?

What should you do if your boyfriend ditches you for other girls when your together?

Find someone that is more interested in you.

You are 16 and pregnant and your boyfriend is 19 can you get an apartment and live together legally?

No, and he should be in prison.