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Laugh and recognize that no one can accurately predict the future.

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend told his girlfriend before you that he would never date you?
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If you have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend and you really want one what should you do?

seek the one you thing is for you and ask.

How old was Lady Gagas first boyfriend?

Lady Gaga Never Had A Boyfriend Or A Girlfriend

Was Miley Cyrus ever Justin Biebers girlfriend?

no they have never been boyfriend and girlfriend

Are Miley and Joe still girlfriend and boyfriend?

No they never were together

How do you know if your boyfriend and girlfriend if he never asked you out?

If he never asked you, then you are most likely not boyfriend and girlfriend. The best thing to do it to clarify your relationship with him.There is only one way to find out if you are together. You will have to ask them.

How are you supposed to treat your ex?

If She/He was a good girlfriend/boyfriend treat them like good friend. If She/He was a bad girlfriend/boyfriend/ treat them like they never existed.

What should you do to get your ex girlfriend back?

give her something she has never gotten before the big O.

Who to kiss first?

not you because you will never get a boyfriend or girlfriend if you are asking wiki about this!

How do you get a girlfriend to stay with you?

Never cheat on her, be a good boyfriend, do not get mad at her, ect.

Cleopatra and mark Antony?

Boyfriend and Girlfriend but never got married.

Should you Keep On Giving Money To your Boyfriend?

No, never give money to a boyfriend. That's a dependent relationship. What kind of creep takes money from a girlfriend anyway. If this guy needs money from a girlfriend, he's not ready for a relationship. Find someone who is ready.

What promise can girlfriend gave to his boyfriend?

if the girlfriend really love her boyfriend, she promise that she will never leave her boyfriend.. she will let go her boyfriend if the boyfriend doesn't want her already( ask for a breakup).. because she want to look at her boyfriend happiness even she is hurt and unhappy with her life..

Does zendaya have a boyfriend?

Zendaya does not have a boyfriend and she's never dated before.

Are you a good girlfriend if you never talk to your boyfriend?

Well, I think that being a boyfriend, or girlfriend in this case, means that you need to talk to him. If you really like him then you would want to talk to him all the time. The point of being in a relationship is getting to know your girlfriend/boyfriend better. If you don't talk to him, how are you and your boyfriend going to build a stronger relationship? So to answer your question, No I don't think you are being a 'good' girlfriend if you never talk to him.

What was the name of barack Obama's rich white ex-girlfriend?

He Never Had a Rich White Girlfriend before, He never had any white girlfriend before. Yes, he did, he wrote about her in his book, Dreams from my Father.

Should a girl ever fight with her ex boyfriend new girlfriend?

A girl should never fight with her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. The girl should move on and let her ex and his new partner do the same since fighting will not solve anything.

Does cream become tails girlfriend?

No Cream and tails only like each other as friends they never kissed and never will be girlfriend and boyfriend just friends.

Should you ask your boyfriend out on your first date or should he ask you?

your boyfriend.............never ask your boyfriend to a date seriously

What if my Boyfriend doesn't want to go out with me and my friends?

A boyfriend and girlfriend should adapt to each others friends. However, if the boyfriend doesn't want to join you and your friends, then go alone. If he does not want you to go with your friends, then maybe he is not the right fit for you. You should never put your friends aside.

Will your boyfriend and you stay together?

well, if your boyfriend always goes out and doesn't stay at home almost never, he has another girlfriend.

Does Dakota Goyo have a girlfriend before?

Dakota doesn't have a girlfriend, and he never has had one.

How do you get a girlfriend in high school but very shy and never had a girlfriend?

If you did that, she would be uncomfortable. She might not want to talk to you if you just call her beautiful without even getting to know her a bit more. What you should do is get to know her first or even be girlfriend and boyfriend with her.

Your friend has a boyfriend and never wants to hang out with you what should you do?

Get your own boyfriend...

I have never had a boyfriend before and my boyfriend really wants to kiss me what should you do?

Well, it depends on your true feelings for him. If your feelings are genuine then I would say yes. Give it a try.

What does it mean if your girlfriend wants to go out all the time but never wants you to go out?

It means the girl doesn't belief her boyfriend. Because she think that when she allow her boyfriend to go out,he will go in for another girlfriend.