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Let him, just cause he wants to be friends doesnt mean he likes her. If he has children with the Ex. The children are #1.. That makes you at-least #2, A hard pill to swallow, But would you want to be with a man that would put his children anything less then #1? For many people, they like their ex as a person, they just had some major issues that they don't want in a relationship. If there are no children, being 'friendly' with your ex is admirable, it means he's mature and not crazy, but 'friends' meaing they hang out together (as opposed to a group of their mutual friends) would be odd. Give him some room by not being too jealous, but also say outright where your boundries are. Showing some concern will let him know you have serious feelings for him, but don't go crazy jealous either.

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend wants to be friends with his ex?
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What should you do when your boyfriend wants to remain friends with his ex-girlfriend but you know it is just going to hurt your relationship?

Tell your boyfriend how you feel about it.

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to harm an ex boyfriend?

Questions you should ask is why does he want to harm your ex.

Why does your ex boyfriend still calls you?

he might just like you or wants to be friends with you

Your ex boyfriend cheated on you with one of your friends in class?

Why not, he is your ex. So technically he can go out with whom he wants.

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend talks to you?

He might just want to be friends with you or he wants you back.

What should you do if your boyfriend is best friends with an ex of alooong time ago and youre never invited to hang out with them when the ex is around?

Your not invited means your current boyfriend is saying your not allowed. Maybe he, too, is insecure and wants to keep the ex within arms length to be sure that nothing is still there. You should make the statement about this to your boyfriend and see what he says. If he hangs with your friends you should hang with his.......

Should you be upset that your boyfriend wants to hang out with his ex?

You should totally tell him your uncomfortable with it if he still hangs out with her why are you with him!If he says their just friends theres definitly somethin going on!!

Why does your ex-boyfriend wants to be best friends for?

Um, well maybe he likes you, but not in the way that he would like to be your boyfriend, but just a friend.

What do you do when my girlfriends ex still wants to be friends with her?

i think you should be friends but not too close

Why ex boyfriend say you can talks as friends?

Because he wants to end the relationship as least painful and possible, and still wants to be your friend.

My ex boyfriend came back into my life and says we're friends?

Accept that he just wants to be freinds.

Should you be mad with your girlfriend when she is talkin to her ex boyfriend?

No! Of course you shouldn't! Just because she doesn't want to hate him doesn't mean she hates you! If she wants to stay friends with her ex, you should let her. She's going out with you right!?

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