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I'd tell him once more that you have a problem with him spending a weekend with someone he called his EX and that if he decides to do so that would be disrespecting your wishes and feelings and that your relationship with him will be in jeopardy. If he values you he would reconsider. If he does it anyway he's probably giving you a subtle hint.

AnswerHonestly, he might still have feelings for his X. Come on spending the weekend together? There is a high chance of them getting back together-he did have feelings for this person once-and he can again.He will probably deny this when you confront him and that's because he doesn't want to lose you in case it doesn't work out with the X. Now, I can't judge him and all love is different. He may not be lying so don't take my word for it. But it is a possibility.Go with your gut- you are probably right.
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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend wants to spend a week with his ex and you're strongly against it and have said so but he thinks it's ok?
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