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I'd ignore him! Don't give him the benefit of the doubt. I know it hurts and you probably don't even know why he's acting this way. It could be another girl he is seeing or he's just a plain jerk. Get on with your life. Go out with friends and before you know it you'll find a nice guy that will treat you much better.

If you truly don't know why he is behaving that way, like the above suggests, then its simply time to move on.

You probably DO know why he won't talk to you. You can either apologize, (wether appropriate or not, this will get him talking) so you can have a mature discussion about the matter, or you can learn from the mistake (whos ever it was) and move on.

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend won't talk to you?
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you have to wait until she comes to you trust me i know!

How to tell if your boyfriend is mad at you?

if he wont talk to you, or he wont even look at you, or maybe even answer your calls.(: ): ): ): ): ): ):

Should you date your boyfriend over the summer even if you wont see him and he dates girls for only 3 months?

Talk to him about it.

What should you do your boyfriend broke up with you 2 weeks ago and he wants you back but your parents dont want you to talk to him and they wont let me talk to him?

It's not worth it.

What if your boyfriend says he wont talk to you unless you talk to him first?

just go with it love birds :}

When on the phone with your boyfriend what do you talk about?

You should be able to talk about everything. A boyfriend should be your best friend as well as your boyfriend. So you should be able to talk about planes, cars, girls, boys, family, friends, and everything inbewteen.

Is it wrong if you talk to a boy and you have a boyfriend but that boyfriend won't call?

No, because if your boyfriend wont call then actually he is not really your boyfriend. Try the new boy, he may be better!

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Consult your boyfriend he might tell her to stop,other wise talk to her your self.

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talk to that friend.

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I thank that they miss you and just wont to talk!!

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You probably should talk to your parents about the situation, I think 11 is a little young to have a boyfriend.

If your boyfriend breaks up with you for being clingy how long should you wait to talk to him again or should you wait for him to talk to you?

you should wait for him to talk to you :) <3

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