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Just get over it and find somsone else to crush on. If my crush found out that i liked him and he didnt care , i would still like him no matter what. even if he makes fun of you in front of his friends, he might just be doing that to be cool but you never no if he has the same feelings about you that you have with him. You will never no?

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How will you know if a boy does not have a crush on you?

If he doesnt pay attention to you and doesnt really care about talking to you.

What do you do when your friend doesnt care that she kissed you crush?

What you do is talk to her first and if she dosent care beat her up.

What if your crush finds out you have a crush on him?

My crush found out, and honestly he didnt really care, he didnt like me, that was a sad day:(

How do you talk to your crush when you and your crush didn't even talk to each other before but your friend hated your crush?

if your friend hates your crush its simple you first start talking to your crush once you get the point when you can ask your crush to do something you ask if he or she will be more nice to your friend say sorry for what he did ect. if he or she doesnt then that tells you something about a guy or girl and its how he or she will treat you if he or she simply doesnt care that shows he could really care less about your friend you know something is wrong and the relationship simply doesnt work.

What to do when you ask out your crush doesnt care and says no but still flirts with you?

i say flirt back a little but not too much

How should you behave in front of your crush?

Don't act in front of him/her if they don't like you for who you are then why should you care for them?

If your crush is dating someone else should you break them up?

If the said crush is currently happy with the person they are with then no. If you truly care about your crush, you will let them be happy with the person they choose.

What do you do if your girlfriend doenst care anymore?

This is when you ask yourself why she doesnt care. But if you like her enough, you should keep fighting. x

Why don't you crush medications?

we are care workers why are we not aloud to crush medication

What do you do when your boyfriend acts careless about you?

i personally would dump him.if he doesnt care about you why should you right?

What should you do if your exboyfriend doesn't believe your pregnant or Doesn't care?

what you should do is show him the pregnancy test and if he doesnt care u can break up with his ass and find a new guy who does!!!!!

Should you break up with a girl who cheats on you with family?

YES! she obviosly doesnt care about your feelings. You should also have a talk with the family member she cheated with.

What does it mean if your girlfriend says she doesn't care about the relationship but says she doesn't want to breakup?

you should tell her if she doesnt care whats the pont trust me I'm a girl

This one boy asked me to a dance but I don't really care for himLater a guy that I have a big crush on asked me out tooWho should I accept Should I be polite and let the first guy Or my crush Help?

You should go to the dance with the person you said yes to first. It would be the nice thing to do.

What does tc mean?

take care twitter crush

What do you do when you have a crush on someone but they have a girl friend?

Show her you care about her

Epstein barr found only in Jewish people?

Epstein Barr is a virus of the herpes family and it doesnt care what nationality you are. Jews are not a nationality

You broke up with your boyfriend and he said that he doesnt really care are he cheat on you?

"You broke up with your boyfriend and he said that he doesnt really care are he cheat on you?

Should I text my crush when he always responds and see how he's doing and how work is doing for him?

To text your crush and ask how his day is going allows him to know that you are thinking of him. That you care and like to know he is having a good day.

Should you dump your boyfriend because of rumors?

heck no. i don't date but have a crush and don't care about all the rumors.if you really do love him you wouldn't do that.

What does ponyboy think of dally?

that he doesnt care about him.

Is it true you marry your first crush?

your first crush may be a super hunk/gorgeous but he/she always remains only attractive for you. If you trust him/her with all your might, you should marry him/her. But if you find her/him coperative and trustworthy,its no harm marrying her/him. and you should take care that you are neiher lying about your feelings nor should misjudging him for his deeds.

Why does your boyfriend never seem to care about what you think?

Well not all boyfriends are like this so you should concern about it but be truthful and ask him why he doesnt or if he does?

What do you do when your friend doesnt care about you and she is always ditching you for another friend?

You should try and move on, try finding someone who actually cares about you

What should you when you don't feel attracted to your crush which seems to happen when you're tired and stressed but you still really care about her?

just straight up tell her