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It's important for young people -- and even older adults -- to realize the difference between things they can change and things they can't. It's hard enough to change our own behavior, let alone other people's. Your mom is obviously comfortable with dating. You're not. A difference of opinion. The only thing you can do is let her know how you feel. Does that mean she will alter her behavior? No. Might she? Perhaps, if it disturbs you so much that it is affecting your relationship. But once you've communicated your feelings to her, there's little else to do. And rehashing the issue is pointless. Besides, how long must she wait? Nine months? The magical one year? Longer? What if you NEVER get comfortable with the idea of your mother dating other men? Should she still respect your feelings and never date? Where does one draw the line? I think you should just embrace the idea that you and your mom have different feelings about this issue and leave it at that. It's not very likely that anything you say Will change her behavior, and harping on it will only lead to resentment. TRY THIS: Maybe you may want to try and get to know the people she is dating and then instead of treating them as if they are potential step dad's, treat them as your mothers good friend. You may actually like them and want to spend time around them and realize they aren't so bad and then you will be happy that your mother has company again. Don't you think your dad would be so happy that his wife has been able to continue living her life in happiness. Your mother is still here to cherish the life she still has - and you must to! Always remember you father but welcome others to enrich your life also. Best of luck!

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