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What should you do if your daughter wants to live with her boyfriend?

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AnswerIt depends how old your daughter is. If she's 17+ then there isn't really much you can do because she'll just run away. I hope you will post back below this and give us a little more indepth info regarding the situation. Such as, how old is your daughter and how old is her boyfriend. Is her boyfriend a nice guy or a loser.

ok if your daughter is 13 and she has a 13 year old boyfriend to wat is so bad about that. they arent doing anything wrong but talking on the phone and if they live in different states of course they arent going to be doing anything but talking on the phone. unless your daughter knows how to have phone sex then you have a problem but other than that wt are they gooing to be doing other than on the phone. and at school.

2010-12-10 19:51:00
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Your daughter is 17 and with a 2 month old baby she wants to move out with her boyfriend you live in Oregon can she?


How old can a child be to live with a boyfriend in the state of Florida?

If a child wants to live with the child's boyfriend, then the child needs to be 18.

Your daughter will be 18 in 2 months can she at that time decide where she wants to live?

Yes, she is of legal age to make a decision of where she wants to live.

Why does Laetitia move away from home?

Because she wants to live with her boyfriend.

How do you tell boyfriend has slept with someone you guys live with?

If he wants to be with them more than you

How long should you live with your boyfriend before getting a proposal?

There is no set amount of time one should live with their boyfriend before getting a proposal. This is a subject a person should discuss with their boyfriend.

18 yr pregnant daughter lives with boyfriend in AL wants to move back to AZ with boyfriend to live with her mother Father has custody can mother force father to pay child support?

What I would suggest is to not FORCE him to pay, but at least TRY to TALK HIM INTO IT.

I live in ct and my granddaughter loves SpongeBob and she wants a pair of SpongeBob shoes where can i buy them at?

So your daughter wants a pair of sponge bob shoe's and get it from Walmart,Zeller any of those should work.

Why doesn't my boyfriend want to live with me?

he wants to take it farther if u no wht i mean

I'm FIFTEEN and I live with my boyfriend what should I do?

Go back home and live your young life with your family, then live with your boyfriend after you are married.

If your 16 year old daughter wants to move out do you have the right as a parrent to put her in foster care so she can't live with her boyfriend?

If she's 16 she can't legally move out at all unless you give consent.

What should you call your sisters live in boyfriend. She wants him to be called brother-in-law but they are not married so can we call him that?

You can call him anything you wish, but there is no legal relationship.

Can a girl 15 who has had a baby live with her 18 year old boyfriend in Mississippi?

yes...if she wants

What does it mean when your live in boyfriend tells you he wants a relationship built on truth not sex?

he dosnt love you.

Can your 17 yr old daughter and her 17 yr old boyfriend live in your house with your permission?


Your daughter is sixteen and wants to live with her dad can she make that decision?

yea shes already 16 geez

What if your 17 year old daughter is 30 weeks pregnant and she wants to move in with her boyfriend and raise the baby together and she told me that i cant stop her is that true we live in pa?

No, only Missouri and Texas allows that. In Mississippi, it's age 21.

You love someone else but you still live with my ex boyfriend and we have a 2 year old daughter?

do whats best for you

Can a 18 year girl move out of there parents house to live with her 22 year old boyfriend?

In most places she will be considered an adult. She can live where she wants to.

Can a child at the age of 14 pick which parent they want to live with?

I want to know at what age must my daughter be before she can choose which parent she wants to live with.

What to do with 23 year old daughter living with boyfriend?

Why do you need to do anything with her? She is 23 - not 13. She is an adult and she can live with her boyfriend if she wants to. In fact I recommend living together before marrying - it is easier to break up with someone if you are incompatible than it is to divorce them. She needs to live her own life. You have raised her to adulthood - now let her make her own mistakes and hope that the guidance you have given her so far will be enough.

Your boyfriend broke up with you we dont live together and he left his items here why?

HE wants you to go find him and give them back to him.

Can your 10 year old daughter testify in court to who she wants to live with?

No, one has to be 18 to be able to have some input in the desicion.

Is it bad to live at your mother's house after you have had a baby with your boyfriend?

If your boyfriend was willing to support you and your child, you would be living there. To continue to have sex with him is not a good idea since he he has shown that he only wants the sex and not you.

What should you do your family doesnt like your boyfriend cause he doesnt have a job and he wants to come down and live with you your mom and dad say if he does they want help you out anymore?

If he doesn't have a good reason for not having a job, then he should not try free loading with your parents