What should you do if your dog broke its leg?

Take Your Dog to a Vet

  • Broken bones must be treated by a vet, as they may not heal straight, and could develop and infection. Constant pain is terrible for your dog as well.
  • Good grief. What would you want to do if you broke your own leg? Think it over for a few days? Of course not. You'd go to a doctor. Well, a vet is a doctor for animals. If this doesn't give you a clue, please find the dog a good home with someone else.
  • It above statements are correct in saying get it to a vet immediately. However, before bringing it to the vet ''if at all possible'' make sure to stablize the leg. The simplest way to do this is to take a dish towel, pillow case, shirt, blanket, or a piece of an old sheet you don't care about and wrap it around the limb as you would a sling and tie it close to the body. '''Tie it around the hip area if it is a rear limb and around the neck and shoulder area if it is a front limb'''. This can be difficult to keep in place especially if the dog is being uncopperative, so don't worry if it does not work for you. Also ''if at all possible'' make sure that the animal remains calm and does not use the limb. Again, do not leave this kind of injury untreated; get the dog to a vet ASAP!

ONLY sling the animals broken leg if its already in that position and staying! DO NOT MOVE the dogs leg forcfully. If its sticking straight out leave it there. use a stiff object such as a broom handle or long wooden spoon. place it against the broken leg and tape it above and below the break. do not tape over the break. And for gods sake take it to the vet or shoot it.

  • In addition, be aware that even the best dog in the world can bite if it's in pain. To prevent that, and before splinting or moving the dog, if possible, either muzzle the dog or use some vet wrap, strips of toweling or something similar, wrapped around the dog's muzzle, but make sure it's loose enough to allow the dog to breath while still preventing the dog from opening its mouth widely enough to bite.
  • Take it to the vet!
  • Do the same as you would for yourself! Get your pet professional help. Take him to the vet.

My dog broke her leg twice, a fun thing to do is when the vet gets a cast, ask them to wrap it in cotton cast stuff- ( I don't know what it is but it's the stuff that wraps around the cast and it's a creamish color) then you can decorate it. That's what I did.