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  • When a dog seems to be coughing or choking, you may try stroking him or her on the throat area until there seems to be some relief. If it continues you should take him or her to your local veterinary for exam.
  • Depends on what breed. I own chihuahus's, they are notorious in doing that. Especially right after they drink. This is just the breed and something I have had to get used to. Talk to your vet that is the best place to start.
  • My chihuahua chokes and wheezes pretty often, and I think it may be something called "reverse sneezing".
  • In older dogs, coughing and gagging - almost like coughing up fur balls - could be a sign of congestive heart failure. This is very common in labs and shepherds. Take the dog to the vet and they have medications for that. Be careful though - many medications for congestive heart failure will lead to urinary tract infections and very often a lose of bladder control. If that happens, let your vet know. For accidents on wood floors, carpets, bedding, etc., we strongly recommend Odorzyme at Especially if bladder control is frequent, you'll want something to clean up the urine but won't ruin your carpet.
  • I have a 13 yo Siberian Husky. He began gagging and coughing very similar to a cat with a hair ball sound and actions about 5 yrs ago. He rarely ever produces anything, but it sounds absolutely awful and I would assume painful. I have had him to 3 different vets, with a couple of answers, that have helped him alot with this issue. The one vet said he may have congestive heart failure, and to give him 1 coated aspirin a day. Another vet suggested it may be an allergy, and to give him 1 benadryl, 2-3 times per day, depending on how bad of a day he is having. He has a very runny nose, and often snorts ad sneezes as well. I have been using both for 5 yrs now. He seems to not have gotten much relief now from the benedryl, so she now suggests 1-3 Chlorpheniramine Maleate. All of these can be bought at most any market or drug store, over the counter. He does really well, as long as I keep him on a good schedule, and make sure he gets his aspirin for sure. It thins the blood, so his heart doesn't have to work so hard. But you have to be careful wih cuts, because it can make them bleed faster and the blood doesn't clot as fast, due to the thinning, so be watchful of any cuts. Should you have any vet emergency, you need to be sure that the vet is made aware you have your dog on aspirin therapy.
  • Okay- there's lots of reasons why - My 3 year old Min Pin has esophagus (not sure on that spelling) - but it's irritation in her esophagus (once again not sure on the spelling) and it makes her gag and choke when it gets bad.
  • I have a lab/rotie/blue healer and she did this. Most of the time she'll just be sneezing or something that sounds like this. But she wasn't sneezing, she was choking. most of the time when dogs do that and there's no other possibility but choking, THEY'RE CHOKING!!!! My dog was choking on a chicken bone that she had gotten off the stove. Just give them mineral oil. It depends on how much they weigh. Also let them eat grass. The oil will give then the runs so keep them outside.
  • As I looked through the above i did not see "HEART WORM" could be an issue. If your dog is NOT given a monthly HEARTWORM pill your dog could have HEARTWORM and it's not a good thing.The Heartworm pill is given to prevent heartworm and people often don't know that. So,if your dog is NOT on heartworm medication be sure to get it asap to avoid this devastating condition which has no easy cure and certainly no cure that is guaranteed. Heartworm is spread through mosquito and you cannot prevent it without a vet's help. So,if your dog is hacking it up and you don't know why but you do know the dog has not been on REGULAR MONTHLY MEDICATION to prevent it please tell your vet so they can do a proper physical and offer help (if you can afford's very costly and like I said,there's no guarantee it works). Telling you from my very difficult loss of a wonderful St Bernard named 7 she got heart worm infestation and though treated for $1500 ,we had to put her down. Get your dog tested today and see if you can get medication,it's really cheap for a years worth,like $60...and it's well spent.And you'll never go through what I did. Roundworms,whip or hookworms and /or tapeworms can also be a problem and can cause coughing ! Dogs have to be tested to know what worming type medication is needed.Take a stool sample in a (closed) ziplock to your vet from the morning of your apt to set your dog free.

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you should REALLY take it to the vet because it sounds like it has rabies. and it will need to be checked and given shots. i know this because i am a I work for a vet and open the dogs mouth and check to see if anything is lodged in its mouth or throat, dogs will get things lodged up between there teeth occasionally- sticks, bones- but like the vet says take it to the doc, it wouldn't hurt to look in the dogs mouth because those can be signs of something stuck and choking.

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