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You didn't say if you were out with the dog, but sounds like you had the dog tied up ... don't! Use chicken wire for a doggie run if you have too. I don't blame any dog for running if they are tied up most of the time. Dogs just like freedom like we do, but 9 chances out of ten the dog will come back on it's own. Don't scold the dog! If you live in the city then put up posters at stores (ask the owners), vets close by or advertise in the newspaper. Keep checking with your ASPCA and go down because they are busy and may over-look your dog.

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AnswerI don't see anything in your question to imply you were doing anything wrong, or how the dog was restrained. And when he returns, or you find him (I most certainly hope you do): Get a halter type collar that he can't slip out of again. They retain the animal without placing stress on the neck and leading to possible chocking. Answer">AnswerI would make the collar tighter if I ever caught the Dog!

MY ANSWER: i think that you should go to a big open space(maybe like a park) but somewhere he cannot escape and run him and play fetch and chase him. Just let him have some free running time. He would like it!-sorry i kept on saying HE your dog could be a SHE. GOOD LUCK!

u could catch the dog with food and make its collar tighter or buy a harness

u could go chasing after it like most people but if itz trained kall its name. when ever u get ur dog back don't tighten the collar it might choke just put it 2 the next hole or 2.if u have a harnest i recommend tighten it a little bit. if that doesnt work and ur dog runs off again have neighbor's help u get or dog back. or maybe itz time 2get a stronger collar or harnest.

The answer is not to make the collar tighter, unless it was really loose. A dog collar should be fitted with you able to get two fingers under the collar when it is on your dog. I have no idea whether your dog was with you or tethered so I won't comment on that. A harness is the answer either way. I have left some links to various types of dog harnesses.

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Q: What should you do if your dog slips its collar and runs off?
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