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What should you do if your ex-girlfriend is dating your best friend and is telling him the secrets of your past with her?


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Request that she stop, otherwise just let it be known that she may be telling lies. It's hard when those we trust share our deepest secrets. Don't retaliate, just deny. Sooner or later she'll either run out of ammo or just stop understanding your feelings.


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First of all if your bff is telling your secrets then she isn't a good bff.You might get your bff to stop telling your secrets if you say to your bff "stop telling my secrets its not nice of you to do that their not secrets if you keep telling them."If your bff keeps telling your secrets then you shouldn't be her friend at all.

if your girlfriend AND your best friend turned on you- wow- that must hurt

if they are your best friend they should understand

She may or may not be, but it isn't her business. It's between you and her friend, and the best she can do is be supportive, if not of you then at least of her friend. If she has feelings of jealousy she should keep them to herself; any other reaction on her part would be immature and insecure.

a friend a someone who has sex with your exgirlfriend when you turn around

When you friend is keeping secrets from you it is best to confront them to get clarity

Discuss this with your friend, and wait your turn. You may consider telling the guy too, but try not to make you friend upset.

No...... she was just in his music video and is his friend that's all :)

find a way to prove them that your not maybe by telling a friend or relative to help explain that you truly are not (:

If you and you friend are divulging secrets, then you are not very nice people.

If he/she can't trust you with their secrets, then you shouldn't trust them, but that doesnt mean you cant be their friend anymore. Hope I helped!!!!

If you are talking about gramatically it depends on the tense. Your friend telling you about that is present tense, she is telling you right now. But your friend told you about that is past tense, she told you before.

You have an honest and true friend because if someone else tells them a secret and your friend tells you that secret it doesn't become a secret any longer and they have betrayed the other person and it could well start gossip. Be thankful your friend is not sharing secrets of others and if you are honest about it you are simply curious. Take some lessons from your friend ... a secret is a secret that someone has entrusted a person with.

If that friend is a true friend they will accept your secret no matter what. So if you really trust that friend and you know they trust you then you should tell them your secrets. but if its a friend that you only talk to every now and then, then it would b best not to tell them your secrets.

well this happened to me with my best friend okay and what i did is i went straight up to her and i told her i knew you told someone my secret and if you cant keep my secrets i don't know if we should be friends i mean i think your really nice and like your my friend but you need to be able to keep my secrets. and sense i told her that she has kept everyone of my secrets and you don't have to say like i don't know if we should be friends you can just say like then i am not telling you any of my secrets. well that's the best advice i can give you.I would tell them to be my friend and keep my secrets safe or our friendship can be untruthful and be a bunch of lies.thats the best 2coolgirl can give yah! .

you can get a girl from a friend by telling her she cute.

I really recommend telling your friend, because even if you hurt her now it will be better than her finding out from the girl he kissed. Also if she finds out that you knew about it all along it will be worse than just telling her.

You can't trust just who you would like. You can trust your mother or a best friend. But do not trust your secrets more that 1 friend and that friend must be your true best friend. Think before you tell your secrets !

i dont have a friend that has an ex girlfriend that is dating his friend when your friend is on a summer vacation so i cant no no no no no a

He is obviously not "The One" for you. If he is telling your friend that he loves them he has already cheated on you. Time to move on.

I wouldn't be too surprised about this happening because your friend has to deal with both the committment to you and to her friend. Whether you told your friend not to tell her friend or not, just clarify that in the future you don't want secrets to be told. If that doesn't work, don't trust your friend with secrets.

you can't stop liking a female friend who is dating again. But if you like her, you need to learn to move on and let her get on with it. If it isn't right for her, she'll come back and then you can tell her how you feel. but telling her now will only complicate things for her, and she may not appreciate it. hope this helps!

He is my best friend he is dating LaJuree

just tell him and wish the best theres nothing that can go wrong with them telling them even if they are dating anybody or not dating anybody so just be honest with them and if your true friends it shouldn't matter they will always be there for you )

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