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give her a chance but...keep strick watch on her any slight misshaps tell her she blew it..dont let her get near your fun lil toy though tell her no and say the reason why if you do like me or claimd that you have changed then you will wate

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Q: What should you do if your ex-girlfriend was dishonest and cheated on you numerous times and she now says that she has changed after her last boyfriend and claims that she realizes she wants you?
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How can you deal with your feelings for this girl who is with someone else?

Be a really good friend with her into she realizes you're better than her boyfriend

Why would your boyfriend tell you that he wished he had worked harder in his last relationship?

Maybe he just realizes that he wasn't being a good boyfriend, and hopefully this will help him be better to you now and not repeat the same mistakes!

Should you call your ex-boyfriend?

I'd say no. If he misses you or realizes he made a mistake, let him come to you. If you run in to him be pleasant and open to conversation , but maintain your dignity .

Why does my ex-boyfriend still ask to meet up for lunch when he knows I'm married?

Either he is jealous and is still in love with you, or he realizes how much he misses you and wants to be your friend.

If he stays out with his friends late does that mean that he will cheat on you if his friends are a bad influence on him?

If your boyfriend is a good person then it's most likely he will just have some fun with his friends and won't cheat on you. You will just have to trust him and hope he realizes right from wrong. We have no control over our partners, but, if he starts to change and hang around too often with these friends then you need to communicate to him you are not happy about it. If he is unwilling to change you need to move on. For now if he has done nothing dishonest then trust him.

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How can you get your ex boyfriend back when he said ''it's time for us to move on''?

Well to get him back there are lots of things to do. Normaly i would just get closer and closer to him until he realizes he misses you. You could always just tell him though.

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You just need too hang out with him and show that you really do love him. You need to put him first and then once he realizes that you will and that you love him he will always trust you.

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He has a problem that is beyond normal because it is compulsive, so unless he goes into therapy and realizes he has a problem it will continue. You can't solve it or fix it so your best bet is to leave him and find another person who doesn't have this problem.

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