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Because she's flirting with you it appears your ex feels she can throw out the old fishing line and get a strike from you! Make her work for your attentions! She hasn't considered your feelings and needs to grow up! The fact that you are expecting her to ask you out, means you aren't quite sure if you want to go back. You didn't mention if you were going with her or married. Either way "respect" is right up at the top of the list. Love is not a game! If you still love her and she's generally a good person, then take it slow and easy because you sure don't want a repeat performance of splitting up again. People can and do make mistakes and perhaps she realizes she has made a mistake, but it's all about learning from one's mistakes that count. A good relationship is made up of caring about each other, respect, loyalty and honesty. Don't cheat yourself by expecting anything less. Let her keep flirting, and you keep her guessing for a bit longer. If and when you feel you want to try a relationship with her again, then YOU ask her out. Then take it slow and easy and don't rush into anything. In all fairness you probably both have to mature a little and see your past relationship failures for what they were before you can go forward. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do if your ex broke up with you and now she keeps flirting with you and her sister says she still likes you and should you let her ask you out or should you let things build back?
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