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It depends on his personality and if he was a good guy at the beginning of your past relationship. We can all make mistakes and cheating can be one of them. He could have matured in a year and it's obvious he has missed you during that split-up of a year. If you still love him then give him a chance and let him talk. Watch his eyes (the windows of the soul) and his body language. If he acts too smooth and it's the same old, same old you've heard before you'll know it and tell him to keep walking. If you feel he has changed then start dating (don't live together) and this time you be the independent one and be sure you let him know "you don't share" and if he even thinks of cheating you'll kick him to the curb without batting an eyelash. If you don't love him there is no reason to talk to him at all.

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Q: What should you do if your ex cheated and admitted it to you causing you to split up and you haven't talked to him for a year and he called and admitted he messed up and wants to talk to you?
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