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Just tell him you aren't interested and that you have moved on. Let him know that you are in love with your new boyfriend. It is simple and you should be straight forward about it. If you let him keep calling and you keep talking to him, your boyfriend might get word of it and wonder what is going on. If you see him in school, passing him in the halls, you don't need to be rude. Just be polite if he says hi, but don't lead him to believe he has a chance when he doesn't. When he comes up to you,which he will, tell him that once he made the decision of moving on and now you have made the same decision and moved on.

It is both harder and easier to tell him now that you are not interested in rekindling the old relationship. But it will save you so much thinking and rethinking the past and will set him free to move on too.

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Q: What should you do if your ex is back at your school and he's asking for your phone number but you have moved on and are in love with your new boyfriend?
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