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What should you do if your ex wanted space but now wants you back?

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Many people find when they are in a relationship that things are moving too fast. They may even start to feel panic in the fact the person they are with wants more out of the relationship and perhaps wants to marry. There is nothing wrong with "stepping back" and getting some head space to figure out if this is the person you may want to spend the rest of your life with. It's a smart person that can step back and look at things rather than stay in the relationship and perhaps break-up in the end hurting not only themselves, but the person they love. Give the guy a chance, but be wary and make him work at coming back (don't make it too, too easy for him to come back into your life) and be sure he communicates his feelings to you so you understand the situation better.

2006-10-19 20:23:04
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Q: What should you do if your ex wanted space but now wants you back?
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Depends on if your boyfriend wants HER back. If he does, let him have her. If he doesn't, don't worry about her. comfront her and tell her to back off. if she don't kick her ass.

How do you get your ex boyfriend who wanted some space and time to want you back?

Give him space and time.

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Should i get back with my ex when i asked if he wanted to break up?


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