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Kiss the ground! Feel lucky you found out now and not when you're married with a couple of kids. I know it hurts you a great deal, but don't give this person another chance .. they broke that trust!


It depend if it was my fiance who told me personally, I will be hurt for a while, but I will be more smarter because he did it when were not married yet. And I will loose most of my trust in him because of that, but at least his man enough to come to me and tell me himself.

Unfortunately this happened to me a long time ago, the man I married had lied and kept something from me. He thought I do not have the rights to know what he did when he was away, his reason was we weren't married yet and he can do what he wanted to do, after he promised me that he will never look for another girl as long as he knows I will be waiting for him till he gets back. I found out not because he told me personally but I caught him by asking a simple question that I saw in the picture. I guess God gave me that day to test us if the man I married will be truthful and loyal to me. But unfortunately I lost my trust with this man who supposed to be my husband..

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Should you tell his fiance that he cheated with you?

What is the point.

Your fiance cheated on you while you were pregnant how do you know he wont do it again?

By dumping that ***hole.

Does Caroline kelley have a boyfriend?

Caroline is single. She broke up with fiance Hudson Forrister after he cheated on her.

How can you tell if your fiance has cheated on you after coming home from a night of heavy drinking?

You can't, unless he blatantly tells you or has other obvious signs of recent sex (and since you weren't involved, it must have been cheating). Heavy drinking does not mean he cheated; the fact he cheated does not mean he was drinking at the time. If the fiance is female and was previously a virgin, loss of virginity would indicate.

Is that girl Tulisa from Ndubz really cheating on her fiance with Bashy or the bloke in her group?

No, she's never cheated.

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What if you were faithful in your 1 year engagement and all of a sudden you cheated once but didn't sleep with the person you cheated with and you feel bad but don't want your fiance to know?

If you are still serious about this relationship, then you should keep quiet about it and resolve to be more faithful and thoughtful, and more considerate to your fiance. If you can't do that, then it is only merciful to break off the engagement now. You will have to think about the person you cheated with. Is that person likely to keep silent, or will they blab and cause trouble later on? If they can't be relied on the remain silent forever, you owe your fiance to tell him/her NOW, so that nothing will suddenly come back and bite you both later on.

What should an engaged girl call to her boy fiance or woodbee?

He would be your fiance. Example: This is my fiance John.

Your fiance cheats on you but he revealed he cheated-with a prostitute- what do you do?

You either forgive him and spare the cost of a lawyer or you divorce him.

Your fiance lied to you twice about some serious stuff but she says she never cheated am starting to lose trust on her what should you do or not do to save this relationship?

you should break up its not worth it your other half is a compulsive lier¬!!!! yeah cry

When was I Should Have Cheated created?

I Should Have Cheated was created on 2005-08-03.

Can a cheating fiance repent can she be given a second chance?

If the spouse really loves the person that cheated then they should give a 2nd chance to other. But if they cheat again then that's when you pull out the "sharp stuff"

You cheated on your fiance with a friend that you have known for 8 years you really like the new girl but she is involved as well how do you work this situation mind you you have been seeing each othe?

You need to leave both of them take some time away and give yourself some space from both women to sort out your feelings and really decide whether you should be engaged to someone that you cheated on. You should not even consider marriage if you have been cheating on them and you should not be cheating with someone that is also in a relationship - this is just a big mess. Or if for some reason you want to be with your fiance and feel you can be faithful from here on out you must cut the other girl right out of your life and carry on or man up and be honest and tell your fiance.

Should you be friends with your friends ex-fiance?

Yes, Depending on your relationship/friendship with that person.

My brother's Fiance is controlling him what should we do?

You should mind your own business.

What if you love your fiance and mistakenly cheated on him bc you felt he didn't care or love you anymore bc of his actions towards you in a long distance relationship for eg he seldomly calls?

tell your fiance your feelings, if he cares and understands than things are probably okay. If he doesn't pay attention and acts rudely when you tell him you should probably look for another man

If she cheated should you leave?


Should i tell my wife i cheated on her?


Should you tell his wife that he cheated with you?


When should you give your fiance his wedding gift?

You can give your fiance his wedding gift the day before the wedding or on your wedding night as it should be private when the two of you exchange gifts.

Should you leave your girlfriend?

no, unless a) she is a lunatic b) she cheated on you c) You cheated on Her d) you or her are moving

Should i emigrate with boyfriend who cheated?

yes. Why...?

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What to do when you are married and your husband cheated on you but you still love him but you dont know if you should leave or stay?

if you know he cheated on you, you should leave him because he doesn't love you

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