What should you do if your fiance cheated on you?

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2011-05-09 18:50:59

Kiss the ground! Feel lucky you found out now and not when

you're married with a couple of kids. I know it hurts you a great

deal, but don't give this person another chance .. they broke that



It depend if it was my fiance who told me personally, I will be

hurt for a while, but I will be more smarter because he did it when

were not married yet. And I will loose most of my trust in him

because of that, but at least his man enough to come to me and tell

me himself.

Unfortunately this happened to me a long time ago, the man I

married had lied and kept something from me. He thought I do not

have the rights to know what he did when he was away, his reason

was we weren't married yet and he can do what he wanted to do,

after he promised me that he will never look for another girl as

long as he knows I will be waiting for him till he gets back. I

found out not because he told me personally but I caught him by

asking a simple question that I saw in the picture. I guess God

gave me that day to test us if the man I married will be truthful

and loyal to me. But unfortunately I lost my trust with this man

who supposed to be my husband..

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