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What I said below still applies. She is playing head games or she wouldn't have given her ex a nude picture of herself. Sounds like your girlfriend thinks she's pretty hot stuff and it's time for you to have that talk with her and take the air out of her egotistical balloon! Good luck Marcy Unless your girlfriend's ex is there to see the children HE SHOULD NOT be seeing her at all! If there are no children involved then you need to talk to your girlfriend and tell her to make up her mind. She should be leaving her ex in the past and concentrating on the relationship she has with you. If he just came over to see her (no children to see) then she is the one with the problem. Even if she doesn't egg him on, she's allowing him to be there and shooting out mixed signals to him. Don't you do a thing. Discuss this with your girlfriend (only you really know the whole situation.) If children are involved tell her that he's not to come around until you are home or, if you can't be there she could well have a girlfriend or her mother there when he does pick up the children. If there are no children involved tell her you aren't putting up with this any longer and she has the will and fortitude to tell her ex to hit the bricks. Good luck Marcy She gave him NUDE pictures of herself??Now why would she do THAT? She is being disrespectful to you and is belittling herself in doing so. Why would you want to be with a person who does this?That is so bizarre, normal people don't hand nude pictures of themselves to their ex.Plus, shouldn't he already have some? Was he out or something?Sorry man, but if I were in a place as yourself is right now, I would not stay with this person.Think it out..this obviously bothers you..are you just going to let it go??Come on..

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Q: What should you do if your girlfriend's ex made a sexual pass at her in your home while you were away and she turned him down but still gave him nude pictures of herself?
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