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You either love each other or you don't. If you both are in love you can't constantly guess if they love you less than you love them. Second guessing gets you into trouble. If she is kind and caring towards you and you get along and she does nice things for you then she loves you. If she's distant, goes out a lot with friends or eyes other men then she isn't in love with you.

2007-11-15 20:47:03
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Is it wrong to send love poems to a girl who is not your girlfriend?

Well if she has AA boyfriend then don't. If she doesnt then do it in a way will it does not show to much feelings, then you should ask her out after you do. If she doesnt like you now she will after the poem. Oh and don't act emmbarrsed about the poem when you give it to her.

What message should you send to your girlfriend on her birthday?

I love your birthday almost as much as I love you. Happy birthday!

Why doesnt a boyfriend doe'nt spend much time with his girlfriend?

He probably doesn't have that much time to be with his girlfriend.

I like this guy and he likes me he wants to mess around with me but he has a girl what do i do?

tell him to make up his min. if he doesnt love his girlfriend as much as he thinks he loves you then, he should dump her and go with you. but seriously. u cant be caught around with him if the girlfriend is around. she will get pretty upset. if he likes you that much. he has to choose.

How should you answer if your girlfriend asks you how much you love her?

If you want to say a dialogue you say,"More than I love myself."

You love this boy so much but he dumped you what should you do?

get a girlfriend that will show him whos boss

Signs of a cheating girlfriend?

doesnt pay as much attention to you as she did.

How should a teenager answer if her teenage girlfriend why he loves her?

You should answer that you love evrything about her. Especially spendng time with her. That's why you love her so much because she is opening up to you

How do you write a card to show that you love your girlfriend?

What you should do is put how you feel about her in it and how you love her so much and how shes special to you I'm sure if it's from you she'll love it :)

I love my girlfriend kiana?

then go out with her lol show how much you love her!

What should you do if your girlfriend wants to leave you but you love her so much?

I'm 15years old and i need answers... What should i do if my girlfdiend is planning to leave me soon but i love her so much and sometimes she says you have been noting but a friend to me??

How can you make your relationship stronger if you love your girlfriend very much but you are unsure if she likes you as much?


Does Plies have a girlfriend?

yes plies have a girlfriend and her name is rashannia and she love him very much

How can I make a jelous girlfriend trust me?

Well i two have had this problem i try spending more time with her and showing her that i love her as much as any one else and if that doesnt work there are alot of people out there to.

How much does your girlfriend love you?

Ask her yourself lol..

Is she your best-friend or your girlfriend?

Shes my girlfriend. And I love her very very much! <3

What are signs that a girl is falling out of love with you?

She doesnt seem the same way in bed anymore. She doesnt say "I love you" as much, she fights and attacks you for stupid things.

Who is Steve-o's girlfriend?

Steve o has a girlfriend named tori and he is very much in love with her

How come your girlfriend doesnt talk a lot over the phone?

Curiousity of not seeing you make her not to talk much...

What to do when an affair with a married woman ends she wants to continue a friendship but both are still in love?

You should not be having an affair with a married woman but if you love her and she really loves you more than your husband you should ask her to divorce him! if she doesnt then she might not really love you as much as you think.

How can you tell that your girlfriend does not love you any more?

When she dose not talk to you as much.

What are some good things to tell your girlfriend?

tell her how much you love her

Why does Charlotte earps love me so much?

Because she is amazing and i couldnt find a better girlfriend in the world and i never want us to change because i love her to much to let her go and she means the world to me and i never want us to change ever and i knw she doesnt want us to ever as well

Does your girlfriend has a right to tell you how much you should spend on ring for her or what you can afford from the heart?

does my girlfriend has a right to put a dollar vaule of how much i should spend on a ring for her

Your friend pointed out to you that your girlfriend hurts you just as much as she makes you happy what should you do?

Then she prob. isn't right for youyour love is suppose to make you happy in everyway