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1st things 1st...As soon as the baby is born do a DNA test. Well, how dedicated are you to this girl? do you forsee spending your life with her? If so, be accepting, and take the child in as your own. If not, try to help your GF, but don't worry about the baby if you will have no part in it's future. It depends--do you love your gf enough that it wouldn't matter if the child wasn't biologically yours? Would you be willing to accept and love the child as your own? If you don't feel that you could do that, I would suggest breaking up. In any case, a DNA test should be done so that the birth certificate can have the legal father's name on it--the man who should be held responsible for the financial support of the child.

Its all about adjustments you'll be making with your life.

Adjustments are also made with the person you want to live your rest of the life. In the most of the cases its up to you, if you can digest the truth behind the relationship's past and future. I suggest if you can flush "what was happened" then it won't make any problem in future to yourself and the relationship with your loved one, but If you can't make it then there's problem or adjustments you'll have to make with your life.

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Could a women still get pregnant if hymen is broken?

Basically, a woman can only get pregnant after the hymen is broken.

Can girlfriend be pregnant from broken condom even though I pulled out and she's on the pill?

If your girlfriend is on the Pill and takes it regularly as prescribed, it is unlikely that she is pregnant--but yes, it is possible. No birth control, except for total abstinence, is 100 percent effective. If and when her period is late, she should take a home pregnancy test and see her doctor immediately.

What happens when concrete is vibrated?

internal friction between the aggregate particles is temporarily broken

What do you do about an ex psycho girlfriend who keeps harassing you even after you've broken up?

tell her that you already broke up with her and that you don't love her (you have another girl)

Do a girl got to be on a periods to get pregnant?

yes she has to already of had her period to get pregnant and the hymen has to broken too

How do you deal with a guy you like who has a girlfriend?

If he has a girlfriend, you should deal with him only as a friend and be respectful of the girlfriend. Once he and she have broken up, then it's appropriate to tell him you're into him.

What is a ex?

An ex is a wife,husband,girlfriend or boyfriend who you have broken up with.

How To Fix A Broken Heart?

If your a guy u can get over a broken heart with another girl and if your a girl u can get over a broken heart with another guy

When food is broken down energy is temporarily stored in what molecule?

When food is broken down, energy is temporarily stored in a glucose molecule. This is the major reason that overweight persons have a higher risk for Type 2 Diabetes. The more food a person eats, the more glucose molecules are needed to store the body's energy.

Has Tom Fletcher broken up with his girlfriend?

well they are happily married so no :)

Chance of pregnancy i did not come inside of my girlfriend but im scared i might have precummed though her hymen is not broken she is only 15 and i did not go deep at all chances of pregnancy?

Yes she has a good chance of becoming pregnant. Sexual intercourse (deep or not) = pregnancy. And of course you can become pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluid.

Can girls get pregnant with broken pelvis?

Is it possible to get pregnant with a broken pelvis? Yes. Unless the fracture caused damage to the internal organs in the pelvis, it should have no effect on a woman's ability to get pregnant (other than pain from the fracture causing avoidance of sexual intercourse).

Does Derek Jeter have a girlfriend?

It has been recently reported that he has just broken up with his girlfriend, Minka Kelly, whom he dated for three years.

What if a guy broke up with his girlfriend for you?

well i would be happy but at the same time be sad for the girlfriend he dumped because of me shes heart broken

Has Taylor Launtner got a girlfriend?

yes he has had manny and his recent girlfriend was Taylor swift but now the are broken up - J-14 magazine

How can trust be regained with your girlfriend after you have broken it?

Honestly, it probably never will be. At least not to the extent that it was before.

Is Courtney howard connor hutcherson's girlfriend?

Yes, but I think they might have broken up

Can you get pregnant if you use a condom and he doesn' t pull out?

So long as the condom is not broken No you wont get pregnant. That is what condoms are designed to do.

What does it mean when a guy asks to make out with you while he has a girlfriend yet he is having problems with her?

It means he is a jerk. Avoid him at all costs! If he is making out with another girl while he has a girlfriend please don't trust him! I don't care if they are having problems. If they haven't broken up, they are still technically together!

What are the chances if the condom not broken and pulls out?

You can get pregnant if the condom isn't used properly.

What is another name for a piece of broken pottery?

A piece of broken pottery is called a shard.

How do you get a boyfriend that has a girlfriend?

Dont do it! would you like to be in that girls shoes? if he has a girlfriend leave them. if u really like him, wait til they have broken up and then make your move.

Will the woman get pregnant if her one ovary is broken?

If the other ovary is still functional then yes. It may take longer to become pregnant but it is not imposable.

Is Taylor Swift joes girlfriend?

They were dating for a short period of time, but they have since broken up.

Why is your alcoholic girlfriend of the past 6 months lying?

We have broken up do to our drinking and lack of comunication.

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