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I think you should maybe try to speak to your girlfriend and tell her how uncomfortable his behaviour makes you feel. If she refuses to change or discourage him to tone his behaviour down, then maybe you should reconsider being with her.

2006-08-23 12:30:57
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Is being a wing man really ok if the guy has a girlfriend?

If he is with his girlfriend and she did not bring a friend for you, no. If he has a girlfriend but is trying to hookup with someone else, yes, however you should have priority if you're single.

How do you be myself in order to get a girlfriend?

just act like you would if you were talking to a friend that always helps me when im trying 2 get a boy friend just act like there your friend and talk to them bout things you would talk to your friend about

Use the word dominate in a sentence?

My friend is always trying to dominate me. In other words my friend is always trying to rule, govern, or control me.

What to do if your friend isn't answering your phonecalls or responding to your emails?

you should keep trying to get them to answer you. remember they'll always answer you sometime.

How do you get over a guy who you do love when he is always there also has a girlfriend and is you best friend?

You know he will always be there for you so what are you worried about, so if he is going out with your best friend as long as their not trying to rub it in and he will always be supportive you have nothing to worry about.Good Luck!You know he will always be there for you so what are you worried about, so if he is going out with your best friend as long as their not trying to rub it in and he will always be supportive you have nothing to worry about.Good Luck!if the other girl KNOWS you still love him, DROP HER AND HIM!!!!!! get over him, then be there friend again. a goodfriend should never date the guy you still love. and if she loves him, and don't wanna break them up do what i did (what i said to do above) now me, my ex fiance, and my best friend are great! no tension, no awkwardness, just 3 best friends! =^.^=

Why does a friend always try to be better than you?

Your friend could possibly be jelous of you and feel like you are always better at everything, even if your not trying to be. Maybe your friend is trying to impress you or someone else who may be near when she does this.

Is it appropriate to have opposite sex friend when you are trying to work things out with your girlfriend?

The worse thing you can do is have a female friend around while trying to work things out with your girlfriend because women tend to get jealous and your girlfriend may misunderstand your friend is simply a friend and there is no romantic feelings for each other. The magic word is 'communication' so call your girlfriend; go for a quiet walk and calmly talk about your relationship and where you both can improve upon it and keep your female friend at a distance for now.

Should I go out with my friend that likes me back but I heard he's too overprotective aggressive and always trying to start fights?

sure why not

Why is your girlfriend looking at online personals?

Either she is trying to get a friend a date or she is looking for your replacement or her alternatives.

What if a boy has a girl friend and he is giving a girl signs that he likes you?

It depends on his relationship with his current girlfriend. Are they having problems? If yes, then maybe he is interested. If not, then he might be just wanted to be your friend and actually cares about you as a friend. Or, he is trying to cheat on his girlfriend.

A lot of people are trying to set you up with this guy even his mother and ex girl friend is that a good sighn?

A mother and an ex girlfriend setting you up with a guy may mean that they think you two are compatible. You should always make your own decisions though.

What if aboy say that he have a girl friend and he give his phone number to you?

maybe he's just trying to make his girlfriend jelous.or he likes you alot.or he could just like you as a friend if i was you i would tell his girlfriend!

What should you do if a friend is trying to break-up a girlfriend and boyfriend and she is getting another girl to work with her in this?

If your friend is working with another girl to try and break you and your boyfriend up, she is not your friend. The best thing to do is make your boyfriend aware of their game and ignore them both.

Your girlfriend is trying to cut your head of what should you do?

run like the wind

What are the signs your best friend is flirting with your boyfriend?

One of the signs is you friend is trying to get you to break up with your boyfriend. Also when ever you are alone together she comes in and interups you. If she is always laughing and "acting dumb" around him that's another sign. If she's trying to always hang around him and his friends that should be pretty obvious.

What do you do if you just broke up with your girlfriend and 3 days later your friend trying to get with her and does?

It is none of your business anymore. You broke up with her. She is free to date whomever she wants. No it means you have to find a new friend ! Never mess with a good friend his ex girlfriend . .

What do you do if your guy friend and girl friend like each other but the guy is trying to go out with another girl to be funny and your girl friend does not know and the other girl REALLY likes him?

tell your girlfriend and then go to your boyfriend and say all the good things about your girlfriend

If your best friend is friends with your ex girlfriend should you be friends with them?

You can still be friends with your friend, but just try to remember to not get to close to your ex, and remember that your ex may be trying to make you jealous (it is possible that they aren't though). It is OK to be friends with an ex.

This guy has a girlfriend but flirts with me?

dont go for it hes trying to make his girl friend jealous but if he breaks up with her be there for him.

What do you do when your best friend asks out your best guy friend?

you should be happy for her and if not then deal with it.......not trying to be rude.

Your girlfriend is always complaining about her financial situation Is she trying to use you for money?

no she is just worry she is going to lose it

What if close friend of your girlfriend is trying to get her to leave you and it is starting to work and you have already talked to your girlfriend about it and it didn't work?

If her friend can convince her to leave you and its working... shes not worth wasting your time with.. Find a girl that is more mature and can think for herself.

What does it mean when an ex tells his girlfriend about you and how the relationship ended?

It means that the ex is trying to be open with his current girl friend. It also means that he is trying to improve from the last relationship.

Should you give your x-girlfriend relationship advise?

Of course you should let her give you advise; just so long as your friends otherwise she might be trying to upset you or annoy you. If your x has a friend you like you should get your x to tell her and then flirt with her a lot.

How can you see your friend on facebook video calling?

there should be a sign stating that a friend is trying to video chat with you