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Break up with her but stay her friend. That way you can always keep an eye on her and be there when she needs you. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-07-20 01:08:21
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Q: What should you do if your girlfriend has hepatitis B and she wants to break up and you don't want to lose her but you're worried about this disease because she's a carrier?
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What is the difference between chronic hepatitis b and carrier of hepatitis B?

Chronic hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by a virus. Being a carrier of hepatitis B means that you are infected with the virus and can transmit it to others, but you may not have the disease

Why must the carrier of a genetic disease be heterozygous?

Because if the person has two recessive alleles then he or she has the disease and if the person has two dominantalleles then he or she is not a carrier of the disease.

Is herpes a type of hepatitis?

no herpes is a kissing disease and hepatitis is well not a kissing disease

Where is hepatitis found?

hepatitis is a disease found in the liver.

Is Hepatitis C a disease?

liver disease

What type of immunity is hepatitis a?

Hepatitis A is a viral disease not an immunity.

What is a carrier of a disease?

A carrier of a disease is a organism that transports a disease from one organism to another.

Could hepatitis be caused from agent orange?

Hepatitis is an infectious disease. You catch it from someone that had hepatitis.

Why is hepatitis a called hepatitis a?

It is the order of discovery of the disease. Other are named accordingly as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C etc.

Can a hepatitis C carrier infect a person?

I'm pretty sure they're not contagious but they can pass the disease onto their children if they have any. My older brother is a carrier of tuberculosis but doesn't have any symptoms of it himself and isn't contagious.

Is hepatitis B a viral or bacterial disease?

Hepatitis B is the inflammatory liver disease caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV).

Is Hepatitis B a disease?


Is Hepatitis A a viral disease?

yes,it is a viral disease

Is hepatitis C a complex disease?

liver disease

Why must the carrier of genetic disease be heterozygous?

In order for there to be a carrier, the disease must be recessive and the carrier must be heterozygous.

What can cause hepatitis?

Common hepatitis can be caused by an infection or a virus. It is a contagious disease. Hepatitis can be transmitted by fluids and blood.

Is hepatitis B an airborne disease?


Is hepatitis b a genetic disease?


When hepatitis virus has no vaccine to prevent the disease?

Hepatitis C and hepatitis E have no vaccine to prevent the disease. Although there is no vaccine to prevent hepatitis D, you can only get this type if you're also infected with type B. Therefore, hepatitis B vaccine indirectly prevents hepatitis D.

What is the worst side effect of the disease hepatitis B?

Possibly the worst side effect of the disease hepatitis B is failure of the kidneys.

What is another name for hepatitis b?

Another name for hepatitis b is serum hepatitis. Hepatitis b is an infectious disease of the liver that affects hominoidea.

Where did hepatitis a get its name?

hepatitis is a generic term for inflammatory disease of the liver and is derived from the greek

Is hepatitis A a virual or bacterial disease?

Viral: all hepatitis infections are caused by a virus.

What is hepatitus?

Hepatitis is a disease in a human beings liver. This disease causes inflammation and there are several different classes of hepatitis that you can contract in different ways.

How do you use hepatitis in a sentence?

Hepatitis is a liver disease. Here are some sentences.I got my hepatitis vaccine last year.She caught hepatitis from a needle stick.Hepatitis is hard to cure.