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dump her If she constantly turns down your attempts to spend time together, you should be wondering why you consider her your girlfriend. Be mature about it and if you have to tell her over the phone because you can't get her to stop moving long enough to tell her to her face let her know you're not happy about the relationship and you're breaking it off! I know this is going to be hard on you, but by doing so she is going to do one of two things .. #1 most humans want what they can't have and she won't like the idea of you seeing other girls (so if she comes back you set down some hard and fast rules!) #2 she won't mind breaking off your relationship and feel free to do as she pleases. This is a risk you are going to have to take, but it's better than being made a fool of. Good luck!

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When should you kiss at the movies?

whenever the moment is right

When should i kiss my girlfriend?

Whenever you feel ready as long as you are really into her.

How long should you wait to kiss your first girlfriend?

whenever you feel like it

What should you do with your girlfriend?

If you wanna do something with the your girl friend just go to the movies or mall! You should do what you both like together. Just find what she likes or you call always ask her.

When should you get a girlfriend?

Whenever you think you're ready, theres no specific time period.

How often should you make out with your girlfriend?

Whenever you want a piece, so she doesnt whinge

What should you do if your girlfriend is always worried?

Solve her problem

When should you sexually compliment you're girlfriend?

Compliment should come whenever you get satisfaction from anything done by the other. It should not only be sexually compliments.

How old should you have a girlfriend?

You should get a girlfriend whenever you feel you are ready for a real relationship with a girl. But personally, I'd say at least 16 years old is good for having girlfriends/boyfriends.

Should boyfriend put girlfriend first?

Yes, always. :)

How often should you feed a duckling?

Food should be offered always where a duckling can eat whenever it wants to.

Where should you go with your boyfriend?

Going to the movies is always fun.(:

What should I do if I kissed another girl while I was going out with my girlfriend?

Honesty is always the best policy. Come clean to your girlfriend.

Should you trust your girlfriend if she went to the movies with 2 guys?

You know the people. You need to decide for yourself.

Where should you meet up with your friends and girlfriend?

movies, mall, someones house, party. anywhere really.

When should a forklift operator raise or lower a load?

The load should always be kept low whenever the forklift is traveling.

Does Finn Harries have a Girlfriend?

no,but princess bubblegum should be his girlfriend he does save her a lot and she always invites him to parties and plus Jake's girlfriend is her pet lady Raincorn.

What is something you should always do whenever you come across a phishing attack?

Notify the proper authorities.

Should you always get a new altinater whenever you get a new battery?

not unless its not charging what its supposed to be charging.

Im a 14 year old guy im going to the movies with my girlfriend what ahould i wear to inprese her?

If going on a date you should dress in jeans and a button up shirts. When on the date always act yourself.

If your girlfriend is slowly taking your clothes of because she wants sex and you dont want it what should you bother to do?

you should oblige. after all, wouldn't you force her to oblige whenever you want to do it and she does not?

What should I do if my girlfriend wants to take a break because we always argue?

If you always argue, then perhaps you are not right for each other.

Which form of take I use in the answer if there is does in question?

Whenever there is a does in a question, then the answer should always have an explanation at the beginning of what the question asks.

Should you always ask a girl out or can you ask her to be your girlfriend and does it matter?

yes you should ask her out. and being a girlfriend is like a step forward in your relationship with someone. i know some people who wait months to become girlfriend/boyfriend.

Is it wrong to always be horny and want sex every time you see girlfriend?

Probably not however if your girlfriend does not feel the same way you should not get pushy about it.