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What should you do if your girlfriend loves you but thinks she hasn't closed the door on an ex-boyfriend?

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2006-09-19 19:32:16

That's a tough one. Ex's always come back. They want to see how

you're doing, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, do you want to

hang out, I miss you, blah blah blah. The only thing you can do is

talk to her about it. If she is still talking to him and wants to

go back, this is the perfect time to tell you. Let her know your

feelings, and see what she says. All you can do is trust her. You

are very lucky your girlfriend is honest with you and that's a

great start in a lasting relationship. You should understand that

even if her ex wasn't all that good to her they did have some fond

memories together and she's basically going through a type of

grieving process. Grieving for a relationship that hasn't worked

out. It can leave a young woman (or a young man) with feelings of

rejection, uncertainies and afraid of trusting again. Try to be

patient and keep the window of communication open. Don't be afraid

to discuss with her that if she wants to split-up to give herself

some head space then you'll understand, but this will mean it also

gives you the freedom to date. Sometimes that very statement will

help to make the person realize what they have and move on from the

past. Good luck

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