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skin deep?You know the adage about beauty being skin deep. You'll probably think of her the rest of your life. By forgeting what she did to you may set you up to be a carpet that gets walked all over. You should forgive her, but not exactly forget. She holds the cards right now and wants time away. As hard as it sounds, staying away cold turkey may be the best medicine. By occasionally seeing her is tormenting you and preventing healing. By doing anything to attempt to get her back may just push her away further. Tell her you forgive her and your going you're own way, and stick to it. IF you love her, set her free. If she comes back it was meant to be. If not, track her down and...ahh nevermind... bad joke.

Cheers mate. The point is she still sees me,but shes definitely chasing this married singer. The guy doesnt even care about her,never replies her messages after enjoying her twice :-(.But,she still keeps sending mails, calling him even though he never picks up the phone.I tried telling her, he got what he wanted,and that's it.She says I should give her time,I should be saying this to her, not her telling me. So its clear she wants to try something new which really hurts.This is a girl that would cry to me,begging me to get engaged with her.As soon as she met the guy,everything evaporated.Lifes tough!


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No, not his real girlfriend. They remain friends, but Percy's real girlfriend is Annabeth Chase.

No. They had a 12 year relationship. He cheated on her one too many times. They remain friends though.

If you and your ex girlfriend are going to try and remain friends the best thing to do is to behave in an appropriate manner. Being friends with an ex takes a lot of being patient and maturity.

* It's apparent your girlfriend and you are extremely immature. When two people steady date they should remain faithful to each other. Your girlfriend cheated; you apologized, but it appears that you are getting back at her by hanging around your ex. 'Ex' means the relationship is over and you shouldn't be seeing your her. Quit playing games with each other and either make your relationship work with your girlfriend or move on.

When an ex girlfriend does not want to remain friend you can do this. You can tell her the reason about why you want to be friends with her. You can also separate if you are not at all interested yourself.

Most couples that end a relationship would rather move on then remain friends. Once lovers it is rather difficult to remain friends and see your counterpart date other people. He is letting you know the relationship he had with you is completely over and he chooses to move on and not remain friends.

You call him your best guy friend, but if you don't know whether he likes you or not, he's just a guy that you like a lot. If he already has a girlfriend, he likes her more than he likes you. That doesn't mean he doesn't like you. If you remain friends with him, and he doesn't remain such good friends with his girlfriend, he may decide that he wants you to be his girlfriend. Of course, by that time, you may already have another boyfriend who is better than he.

She cheated on him. That information is completely unfounded and erroneous. They both agreed to a trial separation and later filed for divorce based on irreconcilable differences and remain friends.

I don't believe you can stay friends with an ex lover. The hurt is just too much. It's just best to move on as there is that special person out there for you. If you stay and remain friends, this could cause problems with his relationship with his new girlfriend. Move on. Good luck Marcy

Tell him he needs to drop his girlfriend. If she requires that much attention and not let him hang out with his friends, then he doesn't really need her. Friends are more important than girlfriends. Girlfriends come and go, real friends remain for a lifetime.

Are you already his girlfriend? if yes say you need to take a break for a while. If You are not his girlfriend and he wants you to be , And you don't Say - I really want to stay single for now, if you are just friends and want to remain friends Say- I really rather keep you as a friend , they are harder to find. or something along those lines.

Nothing. They are perfectly entitled to remain friends. You only need to worry if they start behaving as if they were together again.

No, Amy (LITA) cheated on Matt with Adam (EDGE) who was married at the time HELL NO July 31, 2008 They are no longer dating, but they have patched things up and remain friends

No, M.Shadows has never cheated on Val, however Valary cheated on Matt about one year after they married while he was on tour, they divorced about a year after she confessed her cheating to him, and he is now with another girl, but Matt, and Val, along with Matt's current fiance, Bev, remain close friends with each other.

He wants to remain friends with you, he doesn't want hard or hurt feelings to come between your friendship.. He sounds like he respects you as a friend.

Noel and Pixie had a very brief fling in early 2009. They are not dating now (Aug 2010), however they still remain good friends.

Only if you expect them to remain your friends.

Yes, but she prefers to remain private.

Yes, they did remain friends because no one can ever forget the relationship they have during marriage and understanding and love they shared.

Cody never cheated on Demi, ever!!!!! They just broke up because they're so bsy, and they had new opportunites that involved them to break apart. They still remain friends to this day, but are currently single.

Remain friends and move on. Plain and simple!

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