What should you do if your girlfriend of five years just cheated on you with a musician and said she wants to remain only friends but says she could come back later?

skin deep?

You know the adage about beauty being skin deep. You'll probably think of her the rest of your life. By forgeting what she did to you may set you up to be a carpet that gets walked all over. You should forgive her, but not exactly forget. She holds the cards right now and wants time away. As hard as it sounds, staying away cold turkey may be the best medicine. By occasionally seeing her is tormenting you and preventing healing. By doing anything to attempt to get her back may just push her away further. Tell her you forgive her and your going you're own way, and stick to it. IF you love her, set her free. If she comes back it was meant to be. If not, track her down and...ahh nevermind... bad joke.

Cheers mate. The point is she still sees me,but shes definitely chasing this married singer. The guy doesnt even care about her,never replies her messages after enjoying her twice :-(.But,she still keeps sending mails, calling him even though he never picks up the phone.I tried telling her, he got what he wanted,and that's it.She says I should give her time,I should be saying this to her, not her telling me. So its clear she wants to try something new which really hurts.This is a girl that would cry to me,begging me to get engaged with her.As soon as she met the guy,everything evaporated.Lifes tough!