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What that means is that she can't commit to you because someone else is on her mind. You can't really call her "your" girlfriend if she's going out with someone else behind your back. Move on. Find someone who will be a little more worthy of your affection. If the trust is gone, there isn't really much left in the relationship.


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The feelings you have for your girlfriend should be strong. If you don't have these feelings you need to break up. There is someone for everyone.

Nothing. If someone is taken: don't flirt with them, don't gain feelings for them, don't make them gain feelings for you, don't make them confused about who they want, & don't be a homewrecker.

If you have feelings for your ex, but are in a relationship, i suggest you break up with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, and see if your ex still has feelings....

what do you have to lose? if you have feelings for this 22year old guy then you should go for it, however, be aware of the consequences involving the age difference and the fact that he already has a girlfriend.

Not a single thing.If someone's already taken don't flirt with them, don't gain feelings for them, don't make them gain feelings for you, don't make them confused about who they want, & don't be a home wrecker.

The question should be can a person be confused about his feeling. Answer is yes, anyone can be confused about his/her feeling. After all no one is perfect , anyone can be confused.

Men don't need to have a girlfriend. A guy should have a girlfriend to show her his true feelings, to share nights with and to tell his most burdend secrets.

That's easy...the answer is: No. If she's your ex girlfriend she's that for a reason. If you've got another girlfriend be truthful and don't lie. If your asking this question then you obviously still have feelings for your ex or you don't really think much of the girl your with.

you should talk to him.ask him about your feelings for each other.................tell him that he should forget about his ex--.....................

It is OK for you to feel like your girlfriend doesn't trust you. You are entitled to your own feelings and if that is what you feel,that is fine. However, you should discuss your feelings with your girlfriend if they are making you feel bad.

Well, if you want your ex-girlfriend back, it obviously means that you still have feelings for her. First thing you should do, is make sure that your feelings are certain. If you're 10000000% sure, divorce with your wife, i know it hurts, but you gotta do it if you have feelings for another woman. You can explain to her if you want, it all depends. Also, be sure to be certain that things are gonna last with your ex-girlfriend.

you should tell her that you put your feelings out on the line and you just push back like I'm nothing to you, also did you have sex? because if you did you should just leave it at that!!!

Go talk to her about it and make sure you tell her that you respect your friend and that if she doesn't have true feelings for your friend she shouldn't be with him.

ask her outor go out in secretor talk to the other boyfind the other boy a girlfriendjust go out if you dont like himTHREESOME ;) jokes :P

have sex with your recent girlfriend and keep on until your ex is normal and that means every singl night ok.

Since he is in a new relationship, you should just leave it alone and try to move on yourself. If at any point he does break up with his current girlfriend, you could have a talk with him and see if he wants to try again. But currently, you should keep your feelings to yourself.

Tell her that using you is wrong and unfair, and you really had real feelings for her all along.

If your girlfriend is sleeping with you this should be considered a good thing. If not then you may want to make your feelings about not sleeping together be known to her.

You should tell him with an answer of yes or no unless you don't have the same feelings for him, there isn't a point in dating someone when you don't have feelings for him as well, it's futile.

Now this can happen one of two ways. Yes he could have feelings for you (if) the relationship he has with his girlfriend is bad or missing something. Then no he couldn't have feelings for you, he could have been caught up in the all depends. maybe you should sit him down and ask him dose he have feelings for you and see what he says cause you never know...

A best girlfriend is who understands her boyfriend. Who respects of his feelings. Who is equal in all things friendship, respect of others etc. If a boy gets this type of friend as girl then he should make her as his girlfriend.

You should move on. If there is any dout about her feelings with her ex, then their will douts with you for sure. Until she gets over him, you should get over her.

Make your feelings known, but let him have his own relationships. Should either of them decide to end it, you can then attempt to connect with him.

tell her a hint about your name There's three possibilities here: # She really did forget your name. In that case, find another girlfriend. # She 's off her medication. In that case, find another girlfriend. # She is testing you. In that case, find another girlfriend.

girlfriend s presence you should look hard for another girl so that your girl thinks that the other girl is flirting with you.

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