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Ever watch Friends? So do you want to break up? If not, then accept the break and ask her how long she wants a break for and what a break means? Does it mean date other people? Does it mean stop all communication for a period of time? Clarify everything. If you would rather break up, then do it. Tell her you would rather not be put on hold and just break up. Another thing: if she is doing this it may be a sign that something is bothering her that she cannot discuss because she's uncomfortable with it, unsure about it, afraid of it, etc... It is possible that she still likes you in this case and simply does not know how to fix the problem so she decides to avoid it instead by taking a break so that the relationship can survive while her issue(s) go away. To check for this ask her if anything is wrong. Do some reflection and see if you can guess the issues she may have yourself. See if you have similar issues. Bring them up first and see if there can be a HEART TO HEART relationship saving conversation instead of a break up. Unfortunately, this always means the relationship is on very thin ice. Toe the line. Give her space if she needs it. 90% of men force a relationship to end by doing TOO MUCH when the girl is needing SPACE, because it is a male instinct to try harder if something isn't working... Last thing-she isn't the last girl of her if it fails then remind yourself another will come along and that every guy goes through this kind of thing many times. It's a part of life.

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Q: What should you do if your girlfriend wants a break but doesn't want to break up?
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Your girlfriend wants a break how should you deal with this?

you should respect her decision..

What should you do if your girlfriend all of a sudden wants to take a break?

Respect her. You take a break.

Girlfriend wants a break for a month or so should you wait suppose to move into apt with her in a week?

no dont move in, she wants a break!

Should a girlfriend break up with you over you having girlsox?

No that is bullshift, if the girl wants to break up then she is stupid.

What does your girlfriend mean by break?

She wants to break up with you

What does it mean when your girl friend says she doesnt know if she wants to break up or not?

It means that she has no idea if she wants to be with you anymore. If you still want her as a girlfriend then you need to change your ways.

What do you do if your girlfriend wants a break?

doesn't this mean you breakup with her it she wants a "break"? or she wants some time by herself.

You like your girlfriend and she says she likes you back but she asks to break up. Should you call her or not?

Yes you should and ask her why she wants to break up.

What should you do if your girlfriend wants a break but says she still loves you?

Just wait and see what happens.

What should I say if my son wants to breakup with his girlfriend?

I would first try to find out why he wishes to break up with his girlfriend and then continue from there.

Girlfriend wants to break up?

Talk to her

What if you love your girlfriend but she wants to break up with you?

Tell her how you fell and if she still wants to break up then get over it

How do you get your boyfriend away from his current girlfriend?

If he wants to be with her then he wants to be with her. You should not mingle in other peoples relationships, how would you feel if you were with him and she was trying to break you up?

What should i do my girlfriend wants a break for a while but she saids she still loves me?

if she really loved you she wouldn't want to leave

What does it mean if your girlfriend says she doesnt feel the same and wants to break up soon but then she says she loves you on the phone but didnt say it today?

jib er off.

What does it mean when your girlfriend says she wants to break up with you because shes stressed but she still loves you?

that she cares about you and doesnt want 2 hurt you..itz probably really hard 4 her 2 break up

How tell if girlfriend is hinting to you that she wants to break up?

When she says it!

When your girlfriend wants to break up with you what should you do?

when you have a complete idea that she is going to break up,let her go and be cold to her thereafter. don't let her have her rights over you which she had when she was with you.

What should I do if my girlfriend wants to take a break because we always argue?

If you always argue, then perhaps you are not right for each other.

What do you do when your girlfriend wants to take a break?

If you don't want her to, talk to her about it. And if that doesn't work, you are just going to have to face that she wants to take a break.

If you already bought a gift for your girlfriend for Valentine's Day and she just told you she wants to take a 'break' should you still give it to her?

Only if this is not your first valentine with her.

Who is Justin Bibier x girlfriend?

He doesnt have a girlfriend, hes single but he wants his girlfiend to have a nice smile and a great personality.

What does it mean when a boy says that you should take a little break?

Its means he wants to break up with you.He could be afraid to say "We need to break up" because he doesnt want to hurt you feelings.

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What should you do if your boyfriend of almost 5 years wants to take a break?

If he wants a break, give a him a break. Break his friendship.