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Hamsters are pretty resillant creatures and can take to falls, bumps etc. pretty well. However, if your rodent is acting in any way unusual - there may be a problem. You should have a vet take a look to see if anything is wrong and give him/her a clean bill of health.

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What are hamster tumor?

hamster tumors are just the same as a humans. When you start to feel small or large bumps on a hamster you will know that its a sign and you should immediately take your hamster to the vet, and they will see what they can do, or if your hamster is in pain, they can put your hamster to sleep humanely.

My hamster has an incredibly large bum we were told it was a she but I'm not sure And its bum doesn't even look normal for a male hamster Is this natural or should i get it checked out?

one your hamster is a boy & two it is normal.

If two object of different density are dropped simultaneously which one will hit the ground first?

as done in Galileo's experiment when he dropped a large rock and a feather from a tall tower both hit the ground at the same moment when dropped from the same height.

How do you know if your hamster has tumor?

It will have a large lump on its back and if you think it might be a tumor you should bring it to the vet!

Who is more curious a large hamster or a tiny hamster?

a tinhy hamster since it probably was neeborn and is curious about its surroundings

Is it normal for your pregnant hamster to have 2 lumps on her hips?

Yes, Actually this is very normal and you should see it on your hamster when she is pregnant. They should be very large and a bit squishy. Don't toutch them too much though. These are milk sacks on the hamster as hamsters are mammals, and all mammals drink milk when they are infants. So, Don't be scared that your hamster has 2 large lumps on her hips. It's only milk sacks on her :D

My is height is 5'5 weight is 140.What NFL jersey size should i get?

you should get a LARGE size

How large does a hamster cage have to be?

A hamster's cage has to be about 1 square foot per hamster.

How big does a hamster cage have to be?

Your cage does not have to be very large. As long as there is room for food, water, an exercise wheel, a place for you hamster to sleep, and a little extra room for walking around, you should be fine.

How do you notice a hamster pregnant?

Sign of pregnantcy in a hamster are laziness, eating large amounts, and staying with the Daddy

What is the difference between a Syrian hamster cage and a dwarf hamster cage?

They are specifically designed for either a large breed (i.e. Syrian hamster) or a small breed (i.e. Campbell Dwarf hamster). Large breeds will not be able to move around comfortably in a cage designed for smaller hamsters.

What is a rodent with large cheek pouches called?


Can a hamster live in a rat cage?

As long as it's clean, large enough, and has an exercise wheel, then it should be fine. Just don't tell the hamster it was formerly a rat cage since hamsters like to feel superior to rats.

How do you determine the gender of a hamster?

Male hamsters have large scrotums.

Where to get a large human hamster ball?

look for it on e bey

A short tailed burrowing rodent with a large cheek pouches?


What would happen to an air up balloon if you take it up on a high mountain?

The balloon would get larger as the air pressure outside it dropped. At some height, the balloon would get large enough to burst.

Can a ferret live in a hamster cage?

A ferret needs to have a very large cage. A hamster cage would be too small and is not appropriate for a ferret.

My height is 5'3 how much should i weigh?

acording to the "rule of thumb" apx. 130 but it should actually be between 110-135 large range, i know.

Will a parachute protect an egg when dropped?

If the parachute is large enough.

Why does my hamster pee where he drinks?

If your hamster does pee where it drinks its water you could try moving their water to another spot if this continues you can add a large dish with sand inside in the area that your hamster will pee alot and change their behavior.

How do you tell if your Syrians hamster is a boy?

Male hamsters have very large testicles.

What should i do my hamster is not1 year old yet and it has escaped?

Keep all doors closed so the hamster can't run about from room to room. If you know what room the hamster is in do this I once read in a book this : Steps. 1: Get a large bucket filled (not up to the top) with hamster food 2: Make stairs with books all the way up to the top of the bucket 3: Make a trail of more hamster food leading up the steps. If you are lucky, the hamster will fall safely into the bucket of food and will be stuck there until you find it! Good luck

How do you stop your hamster from shedding hair?

Hamsters shed a little, and there is normally nothing we can to do stop it. If the shedding is exceeding amount, then regular bathing and grooming is required. Bathing should be patting them with a damp cloth. If your hamster pulls out his/her own fur, then call your vet immediately. This could be a sign of stress, overheating, or illness. If you hamster is shedding large amounts, then call your vet.

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