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I would not stay with anyone that didn't love me. Even if we had children together, I would leave or tell him to leave. If you decided to stay together, whenever he was late coming home, or didn't answer your calls, you would always have the question in your head "Is he with her"! Mental abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. Love yourself more!! it's a cool question!, i will tell u what to do best. is only works if u stopped loving him or otherwise don't read it. it's simple. start making a relationship with a man and invite him to your house when your husband is there too! then start kissing him and then go to bed and say loaudly (lets go have sex darling)and let him say that you r a sexy woman. this will let ur husband very angry and anxtious!this will let him to go up to ur room.and after that magic happens! The same situation happened to me. An affair with a co-worker, It took a year of living a life that I thought we would make it forever, he waited until my mom came up to visit for my birthday and told me in front of the children and my mom that he wanted the other woman. The entire last year was nothing but empty promises to me that he wanted to make our marriage work. He bought me 3 romance movies, 3 birthday cakes, and romance perfume by Ralph Lauren for my birthday and asked me if he could stay in the basement until he found it convenient to move out. Needless to say, I kicked him out and within 3 months of our divorce, his mistress had gotten her divorce (which she left her 3 children the baby being 2) and they married. Joyfully, the grass was not greener on the other side and happiness is not real forthcoming in their home. You need to kick out the cheating spouse and start living life the way it was meant to be lived. Having been divorced for almost a year, I didn't realize how good life really can be! If it's just the two of you, you can't trust him and you know it. If children are involved you need to reevaluate the situation to provide them with some stability.

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Song about a boy with a girl who misses his ex?

Cheated on me!!!

Why would a woman you broke up with and broke her heart at first be very sad over you then she says now she misses her ex husband and does this mean she wants you back?

If she misses her ex husband, then no she doesn't want you back. She misses him, not you.

What does it mean when your current boyfriend admits he misses and wants to talk to his old girlfriend?

it means hes still in love with her... RUN!! fast!

Does Kate still love Jon Gosselin?

yes, she said she misses the old Jon. not what Jon has become. but she admits she's going to move on for her children.

Wat if your ex cheated on you twice and after a month calls you telling you he misses you broke up with his new gf for you and wants to be with you the rest of his life and still have feelings for him?

It'll be difficult, but don't fall for it. He cheated TWICE. One is a mistake, MAYBE. Twice is habit. He misses you after he realizes what he had, of course. It's all right to forgive him, but do not date him again. He's a smooth-talker.

What does it mean when a guy misses you when you are not around?

It usually means that he misses you. It depends on your relationship as to why that is. Perhaps he misses your friendship, or perhaps he misses the love of his life? If he's a co-worker or someone not involved and he said he missed you in a serious way, i'd guess he wants to be more serious to you than he is currently.

Why is my dog pulling my dead dog out of his grave?

the best answer is because he/she misses him if they had a relationship together

Your girlfriend says she loves you and misses you but always puts work and herself ahead of relationship what can you do?

Dump her!!

What is the Harold song about?

The Harold Song is about Ke$ha's ex, who was the only guy she was ever in love with, and how she misses her past with him. Rumor has it he cheated on her so they broke up.

Is Santa fat?

No, santa works out and go's for jogs, plus he is a lady killer. The truth is he cheated on misses clause. With a blonde, air headed big meloned, get around. :)

How do you spell misses in the phrase Daddy misses you?

Misses is correct.

Why is it an ex girlfriend starts talking to again when they just split from a relationship?

its cause she still loves you or she misses talk-in to you

What are the signs if your husband still loves you?

Some signs that your husband still loves you are: 1) he makes coffee for you every morning (if you drink coffee) 2) he genuinely worries about upsetting you 3) he still wants to make love to you occasionally 4) he misses you when you're apart 5) he still does some of the same things that made you happy in the beginning of the relationship

How do you spell misses?

* 'Misses' as in '...And he misses the ball!" * 'Mrs' as in a married woman.

EX GF has new bf. She says she misses me hung out with me for coffee. But then yesterday she told me her bf had a relapse for alcohol and drank severely. THis all after we hung out.What this mean?

She may just enjoy your company but also misses your relationship at such a time that isn't so good with her current relationship.

What does it mean when ex husband wrote always thinking of you?

It means he misses you and you are always on his mind. He wants to get back together with you and he regrets braking up with you

What happened in the Petrov Affair?

In the Petrov affair misses petrov cheated on mr petrov and he was sad and then he used this as an advantage to win the election. The event futher weakend the posistion of Menzies ALP opponents. :-)

What do you do if your ex says she misses the times you had together?

if you miss her then say that's you miss her to but if you do not miss her say good for you Yes, of course, she misses the "good times." Don't even get together unless you are able to discuss what broke up your relationship.

What does it mean when a girl says she misses you and a guy says he misses you too?

that simply means that they enjoy each others company and have probably not seen each other for quite some time. the relationship could be professional, or friends or even intimate.

What if your ex cheated on you twice and after a month calls you telling you he misses you he broke up with his new gf for you and wants to be with you the rest of his life and you still have feelings?

Well. first of all if he cheated on you; he is what I like to call a man whore and only wants sex. Second of all, that is total manipulation. Sorry if it sounds harsh but just forget him.

What is Abbreviation for two misses?

The Misses....(Jones etc)

Did Payne Stewart's wife remarry?

In an interview in 2009, she said she has not even dated since her husband was killed. She still misses him. For the interview visit the Related Link.

What is your ex trying to tell you by saying he misses your lips?

he misses kissing you.

Is the word misses a verb?

Yes, the word misses is a verb.For example: "he misses the ball".Other verbs are miss, missing and missed.

Who does Sam Baby love?

she loves nikkieeBABY !and that's that ! she misses her dearly :,[&& she misses her other bestiees TESSA, OHLIVIA, and KAYESHe misses EDEN not ! :Lshe misses Nikkiee the most because that's her BESTIEE :D

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