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It seems unlikely that a job would be the sole source of depression. Is it just your job that makes you feel this way or do other areas of your life produce the same feelings? Many people complain about being depressed when in reality they are just feeling sad, bored, unhappy, dissatisfied, stressed... With nothing more to go on than your original question - and the way it was phrased - I'd guess your problem is one of the above rather than true depression. Below is a list of some of the ''most common'' symptoms used to diagnose depression: *Prolonged sadness or unexplained crying spells *Significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns *Irritability, anger, worry, agitation, anxiety *Pessimism, indifference *Loss of energy, persistent lethargy *Feelings of guilt, worthlessness *Inability to concentrate, indecisiveness *Inability to take pleasure in former interests, social withdrawal *Unexplained aches and pains *Recurring thoughts of death or suicide If you experience five or more of these symptoms for more than two weeks or if any of these symptoms interfere with work or family activities then it's likely that you suffer from some form of depression. If it only your job that you are unhappy with you may be experiencing burnout, or in need of something more challenging. Start looking for a new job. Maybe a change of scenery, so to speak, will help. Start taking the necessary steps to get a better one - go back to school, or just take a few classes to learn new skills or brush up on the ones you have. I would also seek out a therapist; your family doctor can recommend one. He or she will be able to tell you if you are just suffering a case of the blues or work related stress/anxiety, or if you are truly depressed. Often depression can be treated with therapy alone, no medication needed. But if anti-depressants are deemed necessary, you'll have to decide whether you'd rather live with your condition or whether taking a pill for a while (in some cases even for the rest of your life, as in my own case) in order to lead a normal life is acceptable. The good news is that a large number of people experience one or more periods of depression that eventually go away in a relatively short time. And the sooner you seek help the quicker you can get your life back on track. Women seem to be more susceptible to these bouts of depression. (I don't know for sure, but I suspect hormones have something to do with it - like postpartum depression, for example.) The bad news is that some people suffer from more serious kinds of depression that can be treated but are unlikely ever to be cured. I fall into this category, I've suffered from depression almost my entire life (I'm 37). I think that whomever asked the question already knows the answer. You need to get another job. There are many people who can go to work each day and collect their paychecks and come home and it seems as if they really don't care what kind of job they have. I'm not one of those people! I am a "people person." Also, I'm very good with words and communcation but horrible with numbers. Believe it or not I've actually taken jobs in my life where I was either isolated from people all day in a small office, or where I would enter NUMBERS into a computer. I even had ONE job when I did BOTH! Needless to say, these are the types of jobs where I would leave the office in tears or would start dreading coming back to work the next day on the way HOME! If your job is depressing you, you are probably unsuited for it (and vice versa) and in your heart you know you're supposed to be doing something else. I, too, am 37 and for too many years I listened to people who urged me to take jobs because of higher pay or benefits. I'd make tons of money but would come home absolutely miserable each day. Finally, a few years ago, I took a job that I loved. No insurance. Seasonal with no guarantee of rehire after eight months. And people thought I was nuts. But it was the kind of job that truly brought me personal satsifaction and happiness. I'd breeze through each day and come home HAPPY. I found other ways to supplement my income and even started a small side business because of all of this. Life is too short. Start thinking about the kind of job you would truly love to have and go for it. If furthering your education is involved, then go in that direction first. The job that I loved eventually did end so I had to take another office job temporarily. I recently returned to school after 20 years to pursue a career that I will love! Your job is a huge part of your life. You CAN find something that you enjoy!

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Q: What should you do if your job makes you feel depressed?
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