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What should you do if your mouse has broken its leg?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-07 01:22:27

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I would take it to the vet and see if they could do anything for it.

2006-08-07 01:22:27
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Q: What should you do if your mouse has broken its leg?
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Can a dog die from a broken leg?

No, not if the broken leg has not broken the skin and there is no bleeding. The animal should be looked at by a vet to set the leg.

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No, I do not have a broken leg, i had a broken arm but not a broken leg

Can you swim with a broken leg?

You should not swim with a broken leg. If you leg is in a cast it should not get wet. If it has not been put in a cast then it would be extremely painful to try to go swimming.

How long should a broken leg have swelling?

A broken leg swells within 24 hours after the accident. It should be treated as soon as possible and swelling should be reduced timely

Should you take a dog with a broken leg to the vet?

Of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You would take it to the Vet!!If your leg was broken, would you go to the hospital?

What if your mouse broke its leg and you can't go to a vet?

if the mouse doesn't mean a lot to you, you should probably kill it. if it does, you should try to immobilize the leg or prefferably the mouse. You shouldn't have a mouse in the first place if you can't afford/ don't want/ "can't" take it to the vet. Your mouse will be in lots of pain. Imagine if you broke your leg and someone wouldn't let you go to hospital.

Your dwarf hamster was bitten by a gerbil a few times and his leg is broken too what should you do?

If his leg is broken it is kindest to take him to the vet and have him put down. A broken leg can't normally be fixed in a hamster, and he will eventually die in pain.and give it food.

What should you do if you have a broken leg in the cold?

Go home immediately, and ice it.

What does pierna rota?

broken leg broken=rota leg =pierna

How do you heal a chickens broken foot?

If a chickenâ??s foot or leg is broken, then a splint should be applied to the foot. Usually, a fracture of a leg or foot is splinted with special tape. However, a veterinarian should be consulted.

What did you do with a broken leg in the 1800's?

what was the precedure for a broken leg befor the 1800's what was the precedure for a broken leg befor the 1800's

When should a wound be raised?

If the wound is on an arm or leg that does not appear to have a broken bone

Can you fly on a plane with a broken leg?

You cannot pilot a plane with a broken leg, because you have to press the rudder peddals, but yes, you can fly on a plane with a broken leg.

How do you mend a broken leg?

If a leg is broken, it will need a cast and medical condition. After the cast is put on, the leg will have to heal for weeks.

How much does a broken leg cost?

The medical cost for a broken leg can run as high as $1,000. A broken leg can take six to eight weeks to fully heal.

How do you know if a hamster's leg is broken?

The hamster will be lazy. You should pick it up gently. If it is dragging it's foot it could just be sprained, only if they can move it. If you have the money take it to the vet. Also pray for it. Only a vet can tell you for sure, but if you even suspect it has a broken leg, you should follow the same guidelines given in "How to treat a hamster's broken leg".

How many pain pills should a person with a broken leg take?

ask your doctor.

What should you do if your dog has broken his leg and you have no money?

take it to a vet or it will suffer for the rest of its life!!

Why is your hamster dragging its leg?

It's probably broken, you should get it to a vet as soon as possible.

Why wont your mouse work on your laptop?

your mouse is broken

Should your 8 week old puppy with broken leg have surgery?

he might have to u should ask a vet

Where would you expect to find more bones in a mouse leg or foot?

mostly in the mouse leg because there bones in the feet have more

If your computer mouse won't work does this mean the disc drive is broken?

No. It may mean your mouse is broken. Try again using a different mouse

What helps a person with a broken leg walk?

Some crutches help a person with a broken leg walk.

How long do you leave a splint on a dogs broken leg?

If the dog's leg is actually broken, then there should be a cast on the leg instead of a splint. A broken bone on a dog can take as long to heal as a broken bone on a person, which is approximately six weeks. If you believe you dog's leg is broken, but haven't yet taken the dog to the vet, please do so immediately; a splint is simply not adequate to help the bone mend. If your dog already has a splint, then wait for the vet to remove it.