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What should you do if your mouth is still bleeding three days after your wisdom teeth were extracted?

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You should call the dentist. I wish you luck, I remember how painful it was for me to have all 4 of mine cut out. Good luck and God Bless:) Although it is rare to bleed three days after the extraction, do not panic. Call your dentist. He or she will look at the state of the blood cloth.

2007-09-06 01:54:06
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Should you keep gauze in your mouth after getting your wisdom teeth removed while sleeping?

if they are bleeding, yes. if they aren't then, no.

Can you kiss your girlfriend one week after having your wisdom teeth extracted?

Yes, as long as your mouth is not too sore. It should not damage the extraction site.

Is it okay to smoke after midnight if you are getting your wisdom teeth out the next day?

* No, there should be no problem, but after you finish smoking use a good antibacterial mouth wash. What is the most important is not to smoke after you have extracted your wisdom teeth for at least 48 hours. == ==

When can you stop using gauze after getting wisdom teeth out?

After the bleeding stop usually after an hour or more depending on your mouth....

When you have your wisdom teeth extracted should you keep your head up or lie down?

You're thinking of a nose bleed. If you are bleeding a bit the dentist should have given you gauze to put pressure on the gum to stop the bleeding. Leave your head up and if you have to lay down prop your head up with a couple of pillows so the blood doesn't run into your stomach. Also rinse your mouth with warm salt water 2 - 4 times a day.

How do you put the word extracted in a sentence?

eg "A tooth was extracted from his mouth"

Should wisdom teeth be removed as soon as they come out?

Wisdom teeth should be something you should get out as soon as you can, otherwise it can lead to problems with your other teeth or mouth, unless your mouth is big enough to keep them in. Your dentist can tell you if you'll need them out.

How long should your mouth be bleeding after you lose a tooth?

2 minutes

Your guinea pig is bleeding from its nose and mouth what do you do?

The guinea pig should be taken to a veterinarian immediately. Bleeding from the nose and mouth usually signifies that the guinea pig is ill.

Should you get you wisdom teeth pulled?

If you have a lot of room in your mouth, there is no need to. if before you get them your mouth is kind of crowded, they will probaly get pulled

What is tonsillectiomy?

When the tonsils are extracted from the back of the mouth

Why is the cat bleeding through her mouth?

This could mean several things; the two most common being a dental problem or a physical injury. In either case, bleeding from the mouth should be treated as an emergency and should be looked at by a vet immediately.

Your mouth is bleeding one day after your extraction what should you do?

After an extraction, it is normal to have bleeding the next day. However, if you are concerned that it is a large amount or something like that you should consult the dentist.

Why does ones hamsters mouth smell foul?

bleeding in mouth or mouth diesese

Do you have to have to get wisdom teeth pulled?

Wisdom teeth really should be pulled as soon as they come in.The human mouth does not have the capacity [room] for them.Usually your dentist will explain this to you when you visit.

After the wisdom teeth are extracted how long should you bite down on the gauze?

Bite down on the gauze, changing it every 15-30 minutes, and when the gauze has just a pinkish tint to it (instead of the dark red blood you had been seeing), then the bleeding has slowed down enough to remove it. Just do not bend over, use a straw, or smoke a cigarette or the bleeding will flare back up. If you should happen to begin to bleed again, simply put some gauze back in your mouth. Try to relax until you have reached the point where the gauze can be removed. Hope this has helped! The bleeding should stop about 20 minutes after the surgery. Although is some cases, especially after complicated extractions, the gums can start bleeding again, and you can also wake up the next morning with some blood in your mouth. It is always handy to have extra coton gauzes with you. If you have none left, you can go to rite aid or daune reade to pick up cotton

Is it normal if you cannot open your mouth after getting wisdom teeth extractions?

It may be painful and stiff to open your mouth, but you should be able to open it, even slightly.

Should your mouth still be swollen and have severe pain 7 days after 3 teeth extracted and 2 dental implants?

not likely

Why is your dog bleeding in her mouth?

your dog id bleeding because she is dehidrated

What can happen if you eat a salad several hours after getting your wisdom teeth extracted?

You'll be fine as long as you rinse your mouth out thoroughly with the wash they give you and the syringe. But I still wouldn't do it because it hurts like heck.

How much wisdom tooth are in the mouth?


What are the big teeth in the back of your mouth?


Why do you have a wisdom teeth?

They are an extra set of molars in the back of our mouth that we don't need anymore. Some people's mouths are big enough so they grow in normally, but some people have smaller mouths and have to get them extracted. Hope that helped.

When do wisdom teeth grow into your mouth?

Your Wisdom Teeth usually grow out from ages to 17-25.

Which tooth is your wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is the 3rd molars and that build in each quadrant of the mouth.