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If its new, try to go back to your piercer. If its older or you aren't able to see your piercer:Soak the jewelry in alcohol and then wash it with soap. Clean the actual piercing with sea salt and water or just a really gentle soap. Dont actually pu the soap in the piercing. Just clean the outside so that you wont push any junk through the piercing when re-inserting jewelry. Wash your hands REALLY well with an antibacterial soap and if possible, wear gloves. Try reinserting the jewelry. If its already closed up, don't force it through. You have to go back to your piercer and get it redone. Make sure to keep cleaning the piercing with the sea salt and water to prevent infection. Taking vitamins can help boost your immune system too.

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What should you do if your nose piercing falls out while cleaning?

put it back in

What should you clean your nose piercing with if it falls in the toliet?

I would sit it overnight in antibacterial solution and then clean it thoroughly with water and piercing after care spray.

Eating with a nose piercing?

your nose piercing should effect you in no way when you eat.

Do you think I should get a nose piercing?


What is a piercing on your nose called?

It is called a nose piercing.

What piercing should you get and why?

Nose & Belly Button They're so cute and not painful to get. Especially the nose.

Does Megan Fox have a nose piercing?

no Megon fox does not have nose piercing

Can you use a ear piercing cleaner on my nose?

Yes, you can use ear piercing cleaner on a nose piercing.

Can you get a nose pearcing anywhere in the nose?

Well by looking around at some piercing gun nostril piercing you would think you could just pierce the nose willy nilly, but actually that's wrong. There is a specific location where the nostril piercing should be done. Your professional body piercer will besy be able to show you where the correct placement of the nostril piercing should be.

What if your 11 and want to nose piercing?

Then your parents should say no or you should be taken into care!

Does prodigy from mindless behavior have a nose piercing?

no prodigy doesn't have a nose piercing

How long should you leave nose stud in after piercing?

month or 2

Can you tan with a nose piercing?

Yes you can tan with a nose piercing, but I wouldn't recommend it. It dry your piercing out and cause "crusties".

Why should you get a nose piercing?

so u can get an infection in ur nose, be laughed at, have people say that u have bits and pieces of metal in ur face, like i do, and that its just uglyTHERE IS NO GOOD REASONS TO GET A NOSE PIERCING.

Will a nose piercing close scar or stay open if you decide you do not want it anymore?

A nose piercing, should you no longer want to have it, will usually heal itself and present a scar afterwards.

What are the correct names of nose piercings?

there are 3 different types of nose piercings. a nostril piercing, septum piercing (through the septum of your nose), and bridge piercing (placed on the upper bridge of your nose)

Does Ashley Massaro have a nose piercing?

no she doesn't have a nose piercing but i do know that she has snakebites (hoopes) and a monroe piercing on her left upper lip.

Can you take a shower with your nose piercing in?

yes its totally save to take a shower with your nose piercing in

Can you have a nose piercing while working at Carter's?

It is not advised for you to have a nose piercing while working at Carter's.

What facial piercing would be best for me?

Nose piercing

What do i use to clean your nose piercing?

Alcohol should not be used on any piercing. Soaking your piercing in sea salt is best. you can also use non scented antibacterial soap to clean your piercing

When should you change your nose piercing?

If you just got your nose pierced, wait for 6 weeks, then change it if you would like to.

What does a witch have on her nose?

Well, I'm a witch and I have a nose piercing on my nose. What do you have on your nose?

Should teenagers allowed to get a nose piercing?

Yes, they should, because it's there personal right if they want to or not.

Does nose piercing mean loving kindness?

No it's a nose piercing nothing more nothing less.

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