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It would behoove you to get to the crux of the matter. He has managed to keep you at bay for 8 years. The only way he can continue to do this is if you let him. I don't think an ulitmatum is the way to go because you can show a person better than you can tell them. And even if he did take the bait, at the first sign of difficulty in the relationship he will resent you because he didn't really want to get married in the first place.

What he has shown you for the last 8 years is that he does not respect the value you've said to have regarding marriage.

What you have shown him over the last 8 years is that you are willing to compromise your values to stay in a relationship with him.

Thus, there is no real motivation for him to move to what you view as the next level of commitment because your actions have already said that you will take down.

After 8 years, I am sure the two of you are deeply entrenched in each other's lives, property, bank accounts etc. I would have a conversation with him and tell him point blank what the wants, needs and desires are for the future of the relationship. Prior to doing that, you will want to have carefully thought out your next move. You will have to have a made up mind and be prepared to chuck the last 8 years (or rack up 8 more in the same situation) and get on with your life with or without him.

But I get the feeling that if after 8 years and you don't have anything but excuses, proposal and marriage are not on the horizon either.

AnswerI think he just doesnt want to get married b/c that is a big commitment so guys are afraid to get married even if you dated for a long time. You need to tell him how you feel. AnswerI think after 8 years and your boyfriend has not proposed yet, he will never do it.Men often lie, you will learn that as you get older and wiser. If he had any intensions to marry you he would of pop the question already. Do not depend on someone "you think is the one" When most likely he is not. you have to think of yourself gain some respect and confidence and move on, most likely you will find your true soul mate and live happily ever after and one day you will look back to all this a realize that your present boyfriend has been a big waste of time, and that you should of left a long time ago. Im sure he loves you but he is not in love with you if he truly was in love he wouldn't lead you on for so long. ( think about it)

Dont make a move unless you are going to stick with it 100% because it will blow up in your face and he will take another 8 years.


Good Luck jcc35

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Q: What should you do if your not engaged because your boyfriend of 8 years keeps saying he will propose but always has excuses?
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