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What should you do if your potential guy friend has recently got out of a long term relationship and doesn't know whether he should be with you or go back with his ex?

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October 30, 2005 12:44AM

I'm in the same situation, but im the guy, been with a girl for a year, she left to another state, where her ex was, couldn't handle the thoughts, we broke up, i partied with a girl, and im falling for her, shes everything my ex isn't, but my ex came back into town, and i still love her, i feel like im no longer IN love with her, big difference, and i don't know what to do either, so knowing that, i think its best if you just give the guy some space, be yourself, do your own thing, don't worry about where hes at, and if hes with her, just don't worry, it will either draw you closer or push you apart, but its the only way to go, its what im trying right now, hang out with him still and everything, but don't be pushy, just go with the flow, its hard, its the hardest thing to do with someone you want to be with, but its all worth it in the end. - confused as well The fact that you are even having to ask this question says that you need to leeve him be. If he really wants to be with you, he wouldn't wonder about getting back with his ex. And from experience in a similar situation, even if he is with you for awhile, he may be going back to the ex off and on for secret visits. Find someone that is 110% about you, better yet, God will send him to you when you aren't even looking!