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I'm in the same situation, but im the guy, been with a girl for a year, she left to another state, where her ex was, couldn't handle the thoughts, we broke up, i partied with a girl, and im falling for her, shes everything my ex isn't, but my ex came back into town, and i still love her, i feel like im no longer IN love with her, big difference, and i don't know what to do either, so knowing that, i think its best if you just give the guy some space, be yourself, do your own thing, don't worry about where hes at, and if hes with her, just don't worry, it will either draw you closer or push you apart, but its the only way to go, its what im trying right now, hang out with him still and everything, but don't be pushy, just go with the flow, its hard, its the hardest thing to do with someone you want to be with, but its all worth it in the end. - confused as well The fact that you are even having to ask this question says that you need to leeve him be. If he really wants to be with you, he wouldn't wonder about getting back with his ex. And from experience in a similar situation, even if he is with you for awhile, he may be going back to the ex off and on for secret visits. Find someone that is 110% about you, better yet, God will send him to you when you aren't even looking!

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What if ex-bf does not say if he wants or doesnt want to be with you?

Talk to him about it. Ask him what he is expecting out of the relationship with you, whether it is friendship or if he wants something more.

What do you do if you like a guy and he likes you but he doesnt want a relationship but he might in the future?

Wel if he doesnt want a relationship then give him a while to think and c wat happends and if he stil doesnt want a relationship move

How is formal relationship affects an organization?

it doesnt.

Why does a man say he loves you but wants no relationship?

maybe because he doesnt love you, or he just wants his options open. if he doesnt want a relationship with you then he obviously doesnt truly love you so you need to prove to him you can do without him

Why is cobalt the highest electrode potential?

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How can a girl save her relationship with a guy that doesnt even act like he loves her anymore?

If you are apart and he behaves "like he doesnt love you anymore" then it is over and the relationship isn't "salvagable"

What kind of relationship did the country has with the US?

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How do you add your spouse on your relationship status if he doesnt have a facebook?

You cant

When you can have complicated in a relationship?

When the other person doesnt love you anymore

When does it mean when a guy says he doesnt want to have a relationship with you but said he wants you?

He likes you but he isn't ready to have a relationship with you.

What is sexed out?

It means one has recently had alot of sex and doesnt want to anymore (for a while)

Can a husband have a friendly friendship with a woman long distance texting and doesnt say nothing to wife is that cheating?

A husband can have a friendly relationship with a woman long distance by texting. It depends on what type or relationship he has with his wife on whether it's considered cheating. If he has nothing to hide, there is no reason to keep it from her.

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Why does a man say he wants a open relationship?

he doesnt like you...sorry.

Is JR Celski in a relationship?

No, he said that he doesnt have time because of his career.

Who is legacy from the n ew boyz girlfriend?

he doesnt have a girlfriend he said that he doesnt want to be tied down by a relationship right now :)

I love her but she doesn't want a relationship what do?

wat u sholud do is hang out wit her if she doesnt want a relationship... then probably she'll want 2 have a relationship later on =)

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What does it mean when you are in a relationship and one person is there for the other but when the other person doesnt seem to be there as much?

A relationship with someone who is 'really not into you'. You may also call it a one sided relationship, which is not really a relationship at all.

Does Aston have a girlsfriend?

he doesnt have a girlfriend, he said that he doesnt want 2 get in a relationship 4 a long the jls book it has everything in it

She tell you she is not in love with you but love you?

By Rachel x =]She loves you. and doesnt want you to leave, but she needs to know this isn't a stupid relationship, and she needs to get to know you inside out before she can decide whether she's fallin love. Give her a chance ;-).

How do you know when a guy is afraid of a relationship or just doesnt like you?

He says no when you ask him out.

Why do women stay in touch with there ex boyfriends while they are in a relationship?

so they know that they will always have someone to talk to if the relationship they are in doesnt work out

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