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Call an HVAC repairman. You're probably low on freon and a protection system is keeping the compressor from burning up.

Sounds like to me it is a protection device. Probably an internal overload on the compressor. Have you checked the outside coils they may be blocked with dirt? This would cause the compressor to go out on overload.

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Q: What should you do if your residential AC outside unit fan will come on and the compressor will only come on for a second and then shut off and the unit is not throwing a breaker?
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What are the pressures on a residential ac compressor?

250 lbs and 75 depending on the outside temperatur.

What is wrong with your air conditioner if the fan is blowing but the compressor is not working?

It is possible that the circuit breaker for the compressor unit is thrown (switched to "off"). Go outside to the compressor unit and follow the big cable up to the circuit breaker panel on the wall. If it is off, throw the switch to "on." If that is not the problem, something is probably wrong with the compressor unit. Turn off the breaker panel and call a repairman.

How do you tranfser power from outside breaker to inside breaker?

It goes through a cable.

Your residential outside ac unit will only buzz then throw the breaker the outside fan will come on but at low speed?

More than likely there is a problem with the wiring or connectors . The fan is only working at low because there isn't enough current getting to it.

Why will the fan not spin on my outside air conditioning unit?

The electric motor is probably bad if only the fan is not working. If you cannot hear the compressor running, either, then you may just have a tripped breaker, or the relay on the outside unit may be dirty. Ants like to get in those outside housings for the electronics; it's good shelter. The relay can be cleaned, and the breaker reset. If the motor is bad, it can be replaced. Call your local A/C service company.

Does your HVAC system need servicing if the low side pressure is 90 and the high side is 150 and the outside temperature is 94 and the inside temperature is 90?

Yes. Was the compressor running? Answer Depends on the refrigerant, but for residential systems they use either R22 or R410A, and those pressures are not right for either system. If the compressor was running, sounds to me like you have bad valves in the compressor and probably need a new compressor (or a new system)

What would cause the outside part of your air conditioner to stay on after you turn it off?

A stuck compressor contactor. You can turn off the circuit breaker or pull the outdoor disconnect switch to stop it if you have not already done so.

What is it called when residential live outside a city?


What is ideal cycle for compressor?

It depends on the outside temperature, the vehicle and the compressor but it can be between 38 to 43 degrees..................

How do you check the breaker on the outside ac unit?

Even though the A/C unit is outside, the breaker for it will be in the entrance panel box inside your home. It should be clearly marked.

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What are residential areas outside of city center called?


Will a heat pump compressor burn out if the circulation fan does not work?

If the fan outside is not running the compressor will overheat and if the fan inside the house is not running the compressor will get liquid refrigerant back to it and lock up! Neither is good for the compressor.

What type of transformer is found outside a residential house?

Stepdown Transformer.

Can you clean the ac compressor of the car with petrol?

Assuming you mean the outside of the compressor, no. The gasoline (petrol) may damage the seals. And don't use gasoline to clean the inside of the compressor either.

Can you use 14-3 wire to power metal halide light outside?

The question isn't what you're powering with a particular gauge of wire, but what's the current draw. If the metal halide light can run on a 15 Amp breaker (from the breaker panel), fine use your metal halide in your residential application and run it on the 14 gauge wire.

Why is outside compressor blowing cool air isn't it supposed to be warm?

Usually compressor not running or low on refrigerant. And yes it is supposed to be warm

Why does a new AC in a new house throw the outside circuit breaker once a week?

If the breaker only trips once a week you may have a bad breaker or the breaker may not be large enough for your A/C unit. You should also have an electrician look for any loose connections from the unit to the breaker panel. (It is not uncommon to have a bad breaker)

How do you disengage a residential door lock?

Usually with a key from the outside or thumbolt from the inside.

Can you install a main breaker box between studs on a outside wall?


Why is the fan running in the unit outside but no air blowing on the inside?

compressor not running

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