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The shower valve needs to be repaired! As for the water not shutting off when you turned off the main that is also needing replacement when it shut of by turning on other faucets you were simply diverting the flow from the leaking main shut off.

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Q: What should you do if your shower would not turn off after you took a shower and you turned off the main to the house but it kept on running and it slowed when you opened other faucets?
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What is the best way to clean shower faucets that have built-up mineral deposits in the head?

Use straight white vinegar to soak the shower faucets. This way you won't have to deal with chemicals.

What are shower faucets typically made out of?

Shower faucets are typically made out of linoleum metal. They use this kind of metal because it is resistant to all sorts of soap scum and will not block water flow.

What causes new faucets in the shower to be more sensitive when adjusting water temp than other faucets in the house?

Mixer valve

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You have to cut out the wall behind them.

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How can I get higher water pressure in my shower faucets?

The simplest and lowest cost solution is to replace the shower head with one designed to increase the pressure.

How far in should the shower curtain hang?

A shower curtain should hang enough inside of the tub or shower stall to keep the water from running outside. Usually an inch and a half or two inches is enough.

Is there a shower head I can attach to my tub faucet?

You can attach a number of shower heads to your tub, but check with the tub manufacturer first for a list of compatible faucets.

How do I fix my shower faucet?

Remove the shower head and clean out anything that might be blocking it, such as hair or debris. Replace the shower head and turn on the water; the water should be running.

Why can't the shower get hot like other faucets if you don't see any temperature regulator on the showerhead?

A lot of the new shower fixtures (especially the lever styles) have a "scald protection" feature built into the fixture. This will prevent the water from getting as hot a the sink faucets, by eliminating only hot water from coming out.

What can you do if after replacing the shower wall all parts of the faucets are dripping?

Now it's time to call a real plumber. == Answer== I agree. When you replace shower or tub walls, you should always replace your faucet while you can. Alot of people don't and the plumber does not like any better than you do.

The Easy Way to Add a Shower to Your Home?

If you would like to add a shower to your second bathroom, a shower kit may be the easiest way to install one. Shower kits come mostly preassembled, so all you need to do is install the kit or have a plumber do it for you. Shower kits include the walls and floor of the shower, but you will still need to buy faucets and a shower head. Shower kits also come with preinstalled shelving and cut outs for the soap dish. Shower kits come in many different sizes, so you should select the one that is best for the size of your bathroom.

Does Home Depot sell glass shower doors?

"Yes. Like most stores that sell bathroom fixtures, Home Depot sells glass shower doors, in addition to other accessories, such as soap trays, shower curtains and faucets."

Where do I buy a new shower faucet?

You can buy shower faucets anywhere where home improvement items are sold. Places like Sears, Home Depot, Lowes are the biggest and most respectable ones.

How do you convert double stem shower to single stem?

Moen, a plumbing supply company, has a faceplate the covers the previous holes for a double stem tub and shower valve that can be used on their single handle faucets. Google Moen faucets and look through their website or ask at your local plumbing or hardware company. Moen part # 1920

Why is so much water used when taking a shower?

The shower never stops running

Why does the toilet overflows when shower is running?

Well if you can take a shower and use the toilet at the same time, you either installed the toilet in the shower or you are extremely flexible. This question is a can of worms because if the toilet and the shower are in the same bathroom and while the shower is running and someone flushes the toilet and the toilet overflows but the shower drain does not back up then its something in the line of the toilet before it ties into the shower , another way would be is with out proper venting of the toilet like lets say the shower drain when running is clogging the vent for the toilet then it possible for the toilet to overflow and have the shower drain fine. I personally never seen a toilet overflow when flushing it when a shower is running on the same floor and yet when the shower is off the toilet flushes normal.

Why would pressure suddenly drop in a shower but still come out of the faucet when the shower valve is closed?

Probably someone or something else using water that drops the pressure. The shower head will be a lot more sensitive to pressure drops than other faucets in the house.

What would cause sudden water pressure drop?

Some causes for a sudden water pressure drop: 1) A big leak on the main supply line. 2) one or more faucets or shower heads opened on the same water line. 3) A utility water pump failure.

How does one install a clawfoot tub shower faucet?

Clawfoot tub shower faucets run the gamut from vintage to modern. The best sources for information on installation are the manufacture's website or networks/shows such as DIY and HGTV.