What should you do if your son is dyslexic and the school wants to put him in a special ed class but you don't agree?

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2009-05-26 11:22:51

Well, there are anti-discriminatory laws that protect your

opinion and choice. If you decide that a special class is not the

correct choice for your son then that will be the final word.

However, there would be many benefits to allowing your son to

attend the special class to help his dyslexia. You should ask your

son what he wants to do, so that your choice is comfortable for

him. Though if your decision is based on whether or not he will be

picked on or embarrassed, you need to think about his educational

future and what the consequences of not putting him in this class

will be. I hope this helps you in your choice and good

luck...Remember it is not the school's decision, it is your son's

and yours.

== What you want is to provide your child with some specific

skills to cope with his dyslexia so that he can do schoolwork at

his grade level for years to come. Many kids with learning

disabilities are on the high end of intelligence and giving them

the help early on avoids later failure and possibly dropping out of

school. Investigate what the class they are suggesting is--just a

pullout for an hour or so to work on the skills, grouping with kids

of the same grade level and issue, a class to work on homework and

so on. Schools are interested in helping kids succeed. It would be

nice if your child would willingly go, but the truth is, you may

have to make him attend for his own good. My child was in speech

for years, and the last year of it (6th grade) was tough, but you

know, at 23 he didn't even remember that he had had trouble in that

area. The stigma of being different still exists, but isn't it so

much better to take care of the issue now than to have him taste

failure as an adult?

== Why dont you try Toe by Toe or Rave-0. They can help a child

who is strugling with readin and speling so much. Or try reading to

him every night and keep a record of difficult words or something.

I would agree because he might get one to one help then with

reading and speling then. Ask about the class, whethers it a

reading or spelling lesson, group reading, special homework help

class or something. It might or can help your child later on

perhaps. Agree anyway as it will benefit your child in the future.

Trust me it will.

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