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What should you do if your spouse makes a false police report claiming you threatened her life?


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If you can prove it, you should prosecute for filing a false report, defamation of character and anything else you can think up. People need to find out that filing a false report is not just criminal, it's completely immoral. * A civil suit is not a viable option if he couple are married and living together. If the incident were brought to the attention of the court the couple would in all likelihood be ordered to attend marriage counseling to attempt to resolve their problems, if counseling did not prove productive, then the dissolution of marriage would be the next option. In regards to prosecution of filing a false police report that is an issue that is decided by the prosecuting attorney not by the individual(s) involved in the matter. In most cases there is not sufficient evidence for either party to substantiate the claim of whether the incident in question occurred or not, therefore it is highly unlikely that authorities would take action against either person. If, however, there is a history of domestic dispute or violence associated with the couple, then the domestic violence unit of the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction may do a follow up investigation, especially if the couple have minor children living at home.