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Dont Worry You Need To Head Down To Your Nearest Piercing Parlor And Get Yourself Some Ear Care Antiseptic, Your Ears Are Not Infected All Ear Piercings Hurt For The First Few Days, Weeks Even Months, Just Remember To Keep It Clean.

Answerit maybe be that your ear is swollen and is really tight on the piercing or that your skin is too dry and is sticking to your piercing as you turn it. if they're swollen it may be a sign of infection or it could just be part of the healing process -- i can't tell you without seeing it, so you'll have to determine for yourself. if the skin is red and purple and's probably in infection. try washing them in the shower using an antibacterial hand soap. i suggest the softsoap brand, it's my favourite. I've also heard that using a warm salt water wash will help with swelling, healing or infection related. odds are, if it's infected there's puss in there and that, along with swollen blood vessels, is putting too much pressure on the jewelry for you to turn it without pain. have you tried using a lubricant? sometimes the skin is just too dry and it sticks to the jewelry. i hope there's something here that'll help... AnswerThis happened to my most recent cartilage piercing, i have three by the way. if it is dark colored, almost purple, put sea salt in as hot of water as you can stand, let it dissolve, put 5 or 6 cotton balls in the water. Take each cotton ball and hold it over the earring (fold it over your ear) and hold it there until it gets the slightest bit cold. do that two times a day and it will clear right up
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Q: What should you do if your two new cartilage piercings won't turn without causing extreme pain?
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What is the percentage of side effects for a cartilage piercing?

90% of professionally pierced ear cartilage piercings work out without any issues, these are piercings done by a professional body piercer using aseptic techniques. 70% of ear cartilage piercings done with a piercing gun in a mall or hair salon result in bumps, lumps and healing issues, these are piercings performed by untrained and unlicensed individuals using piercing guns on areas they are not permitted to pierce but they do it any way.

What could be expected if cartilage became damaged?

Damaged cartilage can float freely around in the bursa without causing problems. It can also get trapped in the joint, causing the joint to lock up. Arthroscopic surgery is the least invasive way to remove damaged cartilage.

How long should you wear earrings after getting a cartilage piercing?

It typically takes 8-12 weeks for a cartilage piercing to heal. But you should never go more than a few hours without any type of jewelry, those piercings typically close pretty fast.

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How much is it to get your cartilage pierced at Claires?

You should NOT get your cartilage pierced at any other place aside from a tattoo parlor. No piercings should be done without a hollow needle as a regular needle will push the skin and cartilage that is being pierced to the back of your ear causing infection, swelling, and an all out gross looking ear. I highly suggest that you go to a tattoo parlor and get it done professionally. It will cost anywhere from10-40 dollars depending on where you go and if you have an earring to go in it. The earring should be steel as it is hypoallergenic. Sources: I'm a piercer and I have a lot of experience and I have many piercings including my cartilage. Hope this helps. --------------------------------------------------- Improved answer: I dont understand why everyone says not to get it done at Claire's. I got my cartilage done at Claire's and it was PERFECTLY FINE. It was $33 for the earring, piercing, and ear cleaner fluid. My ear did NOT get infected and nothing bad happened at all. Personally tattoo parlors are pretty scary.... Everyone at Claire's are nice and friendly Sources: Got my cartilage pierced at Claire's

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Which part of the synovial joint deteriorates in osteoarthritis?

The first sign of osteoarthritis is the deterioration of synovial cartilage. When the cartilage deteriorates, bones may start rubbing against each other causing severe pain. Further deterioration of the joint causes the synovium (joint lining) to become inflamed, causing additional pain. The joint lining tries to fix this problem by producing more synovial fluid, the slick watery substance that lubricates and nourishes the cartilage. However, often the resulting additional synovial fluid will end up in the joint space, causing swelling. This is the beginning of osteoarthritis. Without effective treatment, eventually, most of your cartilage will deteriorate and a bone on bone situation will occur, causing the debilitating pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Is a license required for eyebrow piercings is it illegal to do piercings without parental permission?

Within the UK you are able to sign for your own piercings, as long as it is not genitalia! A license is needed for ALL piercings! If you are unsure if they possess a licence, simply as them! There is no harm in asking!

Which is better a pericing gun or needle for a second hole?

As you progress in your piercings from the lobe up the ear I would recommend getting the second and consecutive holes done by needle piercing in the hands of a professional body piercer. See inside the lobe moving up the ear there is a fine feather line of cartilage which gets thicker and denser as you progress up the ear, at some point you will need to start over gauge piercing to ensure the piercings will heal correctly without discomfort from the cartilage inside the tissue.

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How old do you have to be to get piercings without parental permission?

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Can you get your cartilage pierced in Kansas?

I was wanting to get my cartilage pierced but the Kansas law is that only a tattoo parlor can do a cartilage piercing and you have to be sixteen years old with a parents signature...or 18 without a parent consent.

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