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Contact the lender and make arrangements for them to secure it. If it is discovered that you are assisting in hindering repossession, or when the vehicle is found to be in your possession, you could be criminally charged. This could vary from accessory to a felonious act to as serous as grand theft auto.

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Q: What should you do if your uncle is hiding a vehicle in your garage to avoid repossession?
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Is there an Auto Repossession Statute of Limitation in Mississippi?

As far as I know there is no statute of limitation on auto repossession in any state. Check with your state Attorney General to be sure. I will post a link for you to read. Repossession should be your last resort. Hiding a vehicle from repossession is a crime in some states. The consequences of repossession are always bad for you.

What happens when your leased vehicle is repossessed?

READ your lease contract. It should specify the results of repossession.

What is the law concerning breach of peace in Texas?

this is a GENERIC definition... BOP is usually decide in the APPEALS Courts. Links at the bottom Breach of Peace. However, even if there is a right to repossession, the repossession agent cannot Breach the Peace in conducting the repossession. That means that the repossession agent in repossessing the vehicle cannot: forcibly remove you from the vehicle; stop you on the street or highway like a law enforcement arrest; enter a closed garage or your home; break into your house; create a disturbance such as a fight or other altercation; threaten any of the above actions; or pretend to be a law enforcement officer while conducting the repossession. If any of these actions occurred you should immediately contact an attorney.

What should you not do if you find your brakes failing?

You should not keep driving. Pull over when it's safe to do so and park the vehicle then call a garage.

Do you cancel your insurance on a a voluntary Repossession?

If this is a vehicle you own and can not pay for it any longer and decide to give it back, yes, you should cancel the insurance you have on it AFTER it is out of your possession.

Can a lender take a house after a voluntary repossession of vehicle in Pennsylvania?

Yes. I would say because it just should. Who r u? LOSER bye...

Sample of auto repossession letter to buyer?

An auto repossession letter should begin with a letter head consisting of the name, address and phone number of the recipient. Choose a date that payment must be made for the vehicle along with its VIN number.

Can you repo a car if you have title?

When you purchased the car, you may have received a lien title from the state. This is not a clear title of ownership. The lender in essence still owns the vehicle, at least part of it. It is held in security for the loan. If you are a repossession company or agent, you will be required to have an order of repossession. But, if you are a repossession company or agent, you should already know this.

Your niece drove into your garage door w her car and did 1k damage to the garage should your niece claim it on her auto policy or should you claim it on your home insurance?

Since it was caused by the vehicle, the vehicle insurance should cover it. Most home owners insurance companies would probably make a claim against the auto insurance company, if they covered it.

How much garage charge should be if customer laying is vehicle at workshop without repairing?

It varies. I've seen $25 a day up to $150 a day. I think it depends on who owns the garage, state law and storage space on the garage's property.

Can you repossess a vehicle in a storage lot in Oregon if under contract with the persons that will not pay for it?

The question is extermely unclear. Who is under contract to whom? Bottom line - if you have a valid repossession order giving you legal possession of the vehicle, that should be all you need to seize the vehicle.

Which sort of bankruptcy should one use to retrieve a vehicle in Florida that was repossessed yesterday?

A vehicle is a secured debt, therefore bankruptcy action would not reverse the repossession. Bankruptcy only places a temporary halt to repossession or foreclosure of secured property. The only option available to the borrower to recover a repossessed vehicle is to reaffirm the lending agreement or make some other type of settlement with the lender.

How do you beat mission 2 in Sniper assassin 4?

Shoot the 3 kidnappers in the garage. You should shoot the one at the left side of the door first because he can close it. Then the guy walking to the car, and finally the guy hiding inside the garage on the left.

How do you get out of gregs garage on wimpy island?

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What happens to your license plate after your car gets repossessed in South Carolina?

The person(s) whose name(s) appear on the title of the vehicle should remove the license plate(s) before the vehicle is impounded by the repossession agent.

What should you do if you have a fender bender in a private parking garage and the other person will not give you proof of insurance?

litigate against the vehicle operator personally.

What should you do if the car was damaged while wrongfully repoed?

Every state requires repossession agents to carry insurance. If the vehicle is damaged during a repossession or especially a wrongful repossession, the agency that secured the unit must have it repaired at their own cost, or as a matter of insurance claim. Remember, do not sign for acceptance on the repairs until you are absolutely satisfied that they have been done properly.

In Georgia should you do a voluntary repossession or just repossession?

The second to last sentence should read - Never will a voluntary repossession cost you MORE than a forced repossession. A repo is a repo. Voluntary Repos will, in most cases, save you money due to the cut in fees associated with the repossession. In some cases these fees will not be any less and the cost of a voluntary repo and the cost of a forced repo are the same. Never will a voluntary repossession cost you less than a forced repossession. Either way, voluntary repossession is the decision I would make, due to the possibility of a lesser cost.

What should you do if your radiator fluid is frozen?

Bring your vehicle to a garage is what I would do so you can let it thaw and refill it with antifreeze because there must be water in the radiator

Where should someone go if they need their fluids checked on their vehicle?

To check fluids on a vehicle, a garage will offer this service at a cost. To check one's own vehicle is quite easy. There will be markings on the tanks so that one can check the levels and top up where needed.

Can you get any belongings in your car that got repo?

They should offer you a chance to get your belongings out of the car when they come to repossess it. Their repossession order covers the vehicle they're repossessing - it does not give them entitlement to your personal belongings.

Is there a form giving permission for a repossession of a vehicle?

Well, yes, there is. It is called the loan or finance agreement you signed when you got the loan for the vehicle. When you sign that, you give permission for the bank to repo the vehicle if you don't make the payments. Unless you are talking about a "Voluntary Surrender", if that is what you are talking about, just call your bank and they should have one.

What can I do I fell a couple of payments behind but caught them up. I didn't know my vehicle had been on the repossession list the repossession man didn't know i was off the list and damaged my car?

Contact the lender, in person if possible. Have a written estimate of the damage done by the repossession company. See what the lender has to say about the damage to their vehicle, which until you pay off the loan they jointly own with you. Communicate with them and I am sure this can be worked out. Remember this would never have happened if you had not missed a payment. So keep that in mind. They still should not have damaged your car, but things happen.

Inspectors should test automatic garage doors for?

inspectors should test automatic garage doors for? automatic reverse

How long do you have to pay off the remainder of the loan balance if you car is repoed?

The contract should include the applicable terms in case of a repossession. If there are no specifics as to the action, the laws of the state in which the vehicle loan was granted apply.